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Co-curricular activities form an essential aspect of Trinity’s well-rounded approach to develop students in mind, body, and spirit.


Music at Trinity Grammar School takes the form of a rich and varied programme both in terms of student participation and content. Music allows students to practice at their skill, share their skill with others through concerts and performances, and learn discipline along the way. Music is an extremely valuable part of our Co-curricular programme.

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News from the Music Department

As the First Semester draws to a close, the Music Department has celebrated two of its major events: the annual Gala Concert, held at the City Recital Hall, Angel Place; and the Winter Concert. The Gala Concert, with its title of Cosmic Forces, did not disappoint. The concert began with the resounding sounds of the [...]

Music News | Preparatory School

Year 4 Band Program Today was the final day of the Year 4 Band and Strings Sight-reading Program. Thanks, and appreciation to the Summer Hill music staff who have been co-ordinated by Mr Gergley Malyusz and to Mrs Palmer for her work with the String students.  Year 3 will experience this program next Semester.   [...]

Music News | Junior School

The Junior School Choir sang at the Y3-6 Assembly this week, demonstrating one of the pieces that they performed last week at the Gala Concert “When I Grow Up” from Matilda the Musical: Minchin (arranged: Emerson). The School enjoyed seeing them perform and some boys in the audience showed interest in joining the Choir next [...]

Formed in 1980, The Trinity Singers are an auditioned choral group of excellence, achieving exceptional standards of musicianship, performance, and leadership. Their repertoire includes both sacred and secular music and there are opportunities to perform all throughout the year. Having performed at all the major venues in Sydney, winning multiple Eisteddfods and performing at festivals, concerts, and various charity and community events, The Trinity Singers have achieved an enviable reputation among the Independent Schools’ community over the years. The Trinity Singers are a chamber choir which best achieves musical goals with a limited number of choristers. Ideally, this number is 48 but in exceptional cases, the number of places can be expanded.

Membership is for boys in Year 4 to 6. While the main audition process occurs at the end of Year 3, sometimes places can open up at other times and we encourage students to contact the Director of Preparatory School Music at any time throughout their Preparatory School journey to express interest.

Combined rehearsals for firsts and seconds are held on Wednesday mornings from 7:30am — 8:30am. Separate rehearsals for firsts are held on Thursday mornings, 7:45am — 8:30am and for seconds on Friday mornings, 7:45am — 8:30am. Additional rehearsals are sometimes scheduled during lunchtimes in preparation for special performances.

Meeting one afternoon a week, the Junior Choir is for students in Years 1 to 3. The Choir provides an opportunity for anyone who enjoys singing to perform in an ensemble and assists in preparing boys who may want to audition for Trinity Singers at the end of Year 3.

Individual instrumental tuition continues to be a strong focus of the Music Programme. The timetable for this tuition is a fixed one, organised by the Instrumental teacher in collaboration with the boy’s and class teacher and parents. Lessons are half an hour and a written report by the student’s teacher is included in the semester reports.

At the end of each semester, parents and friends are invited to attend their son’s Students’ Concert. These concerts are extremely valuable for students’ self-confidence and self-esteem. Students may also sit for music examinations, however, these are not compulsory and the entry fee and accompanist fee are additional to the regular tuition fees.

Theory classes are also offered during lunchtimes and each students’ parents are responsible for paying this fee.

Guidelines for the appropriate starting age and instrument are set out in the Instrumental Tuition application form and discussion with the Director of Music regarding these are always welcome.

This programme is designed to give students an introduction to learning the violin, viola, and cello in group lessons. At the beginning of Year 1, students who wish to undertake this programme are allocated to either a beginner or advanced group depending on their experience. The students perform for parents at the end of each semester.

At the beginning of Year 4, all students are offered the opportunity to learn a Band Instrument which can include Trumpet, Flute, Trombone, Baritone, and Clarinet. The hour-long programme includes a half-hour instrumental group lesson and a classroom Music lesson. Students also have an opportunity to participate in the Concert Band once they undertake Individual Instrumental Tuition.

Students are welcome to join any of these ensembles, whether they learn at School or outside of School.

  • Chamber Orchestra
  • Chamber Ensemble
  • String Orchestra
  • Concert Band
  • Chapel Band
  • Percussion Ensemble*
  • Junior Percussion Ensemble
  • Saxophone Ensemble
  • Cello Ensembles

*Invitation or audition required

Creative Arts

At Trinity Grammar School, there are varied opportunities for students to stretch their creative muscles. Whether it be through auditioned groups like the Musical / Drama group or through meeting each week to hone their photography skills, students are encouraged to dive into the Arts and explore their creativity alongside their peers

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Delmar gallery Exhibition walkthrough

Four NIDA ambassadors

Four Trinity students have been selected to act as theatre ambassadors at Sydney’s Griffin Theatre Company, with one student also snaring a coveted spot at NIDA. They are HSC Drama students Hamish Kidd (12St), Jack Fahd (12La) and Year 11 Preliminary Drama student Cooper Hollis (11Sc), along with Thomas Jenkins (11Fo), who is studying IB Theatre. Thomas [...]

Offered to boys in Kindergarten to Year 6, the Art Club is organised so that students from each stage have two Terms available each year. For example, Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4), Stage 3 (Years 5 and 6). The group meets one afternoon per week after school. There is a charge for this activity per term (for year 3 – 6 club only).

The Kindergarten – Year 2 programme is run one lunchtime during the week.

The Photography Club is offered to students in Kindergarten through to Year 6. The year 3 to 6 programme operates in Term 3 and 4, while the Kindergarten to Year 2 programme runs in Term 1 and 2. The group meets one afternoon per week after school to help students grow in their photography skills and capture the world around them.

This Co-curricular activity is split between Infant and Primary students. Each group meets one afternoon per week after school. This club is offered through an audition process.

This programme is designed to give students an introduction to learning the violin, viola, and cello in group lessons. At the beginning of Year 1, students who wish to undertake this programme are allocated to either a beginner or advanced group depending on their experience. The students perform for parents at the end of each semester.


At Trinity Grammar School, we believe that sports programmes are an important part of School life. Focused on physical fitness, skill and team building, disciplined care of the body, and the cultivation of temperate habits are essential for Healthy Living. This is why Sport is compulsory for all students from years 3 to 12. In the Preparatory School, sporting activities are provided in a range of different areas, catering for the abilities of all boys.

Sport is played for enjoyment and to develop skill, fitness, teamwork and sportsmanship. All boys in Years 3 to 6 must participate in the athletics, cross-country, and swimming carnivals and for Years 4 to 6 there is compulsory sport played on Saturdays in summer and winter seasons.

Summer: Basketball | Cricket | Oz-tag | Softball (Years 5 & 6) | Tee-Ball (Year 4)

Winter: AFL | Football (Soccer) | Rugby | Swimming

Inter-seasonal: Cross-country Team | Track and Field | Swimming Team

The Primary EAP is available to all students in Years 3 – 6. The programme focuses on developing gross motor skills through drille, sprints, throws, and jumps. Students are grouped by skill level and fitness and sessions run from 3:40pm — 5:00pm on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Students are transported via the Trinity bus but parents are to collect the boys from Campbell Oval at 5:00pm. There is a charge for this activity per Term.

Swimming Squads meet at the School Pool at Summer Hill from 4:00pm — 5:00pm. To be included in the squads, students should apply to the School’s Director of Swimming. These squads cater for competent swimmers across four ability levels and are charged per term.

After school tennis lessons take place at the School’s Tennis Centre, located on the corner of King and Princess Streets, Ashbury (Phone: 9798 9873). There is a charge for this activity per Term.

Students are required to wear regular white sandshoes for classes. Students travelling to the Tennis Centre on the School Bus will receive a ‘Tennis Pass’ in the first few weeks of Term. There is no charge for this pass.

Private coaching clinics are held at the Preparatory School, usually on Tuesday afternoons. These clinics are run by a highly experienced, Level 2 accredited Cricket Coach. There is a charge for this activity per Term.

Students from both the Junior School and the Preparatory School are invited to trial for the Elite Football Training Group early in the year. Training is conducted on Monday mornings from 7:00am — 8:00am. Students are able to catch the bus to school at the conclusion of the session.

Minimites Club is held on three or four Friday afternoons per term at Summer Hill from 4:00pm — 5:00pm. In Terms 1 and 4, the focus of the programme is Athletics. In Terms 2 and 3, the students are involved in Gymnastics and Football (Soccer). There is a charge for this activity per Term.

Taekwondo is offered for students. There are two sessions run over two different afternoons each week. Years 4 to 6 are trained together and Years 1 to 3 are trained together. There is a charge to participate in this activity.

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Sports News | Preparatory School

Term 2 has seen the boys in Years 4-6 participate in the Winter Sport season. At the beginning of the season, unprecedented wet weather had a harsh impact on our teams as it limited their ability to train but also resulted in the cancelation of many fixtures. The back end of the term has seen [...]

Tennis Round vs St Aloysius – Winter 22

Last Saturday was the final round for this term and it was contested against the students from St Aloysius' College. Overall, the fixture was competitive across the board with Trinity winning the higher percentage of matches on the day. Congratulations must be extended to the following teams who were able to register wins; 1,4,5,6th IV, [...]

From the Sportsmaster | Junior School

Dear Parents, A busy term concludes with some mixed results in Round 7 last Saturday. Our nine IPSHA football teams had a tough day but learnt valuable lessons against quality opponents. Three wins in football, including a dominant 3-0 win by the 6As, were the stand out results. Our 1st XV rugby boys continued their [...]

Clubs and Associations

The interests and talents of students at Trinity are varied. Our selection of Clubs and Associations reflect that variety. Whether students are looking to improve their language skills, enjoy fun games with friends, or dedicate themselves to learning more about coding or robotics, there are clubs that will appeal to everyone.

Chess Club is held on Thursday afternoons from 3:30pm — 4:30pm and access is by invitation only. This is for students who can play Chess and who compete in Inter-School competitions.

Chess Coaching for Years 3 – 6 is held on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons from 3:30 — 4:30pm there is a charge for this activity per Term.

Chess Competitions for Years 3 – 6 are held on Friday afternoons from 3:15pm — 6:00pm. There is a charge for this activity per Term.

Debating coaching sessions are split between Year 5 and Year 6. Those students in Year 6 are eligible for selection in the ISDA Debating Team, which represents the School in the ISDA Competition on a Friday evening during Terms 1 and 2. Year 6 students also form House teams which compete throughout the year on a Friday afternoon and represent the School at IPSHA Debating fixtures during Terms 2 and 3.

Christians in Action (CIA) is a voluntary Christian group for boys in Years 1 and 3 to 6. All are welcome and there is no need to register for the group. CIA is committed to being actively involved in the local community through charity and personal involvement.

Years 3 to 6 meet Monday lunchtime in the Christian Studies classroom.
Year 1 meets Tuesday lunchtime in the Christian Studies classroom.
Years 1 to 6 (a combined group) meet Thursday lunchtime in the gym.

Acting and Communication Academy is held on Monday afternoons from 3:30pm — 5:00pm. Students are involved in a variety of activities to develop their performance and presentation skills. There is a charge for this activity per term.

Meeting each Tuesday evening of Term from 6:00pm — 7:30pm, 3rd Summer Hill (Trinity Grammar) Scout Group currently consists of:

  • Cub Scouts | Boys 7 ½ to 10 ½ years, and
  • Scouts | boys 10 ½ to 14 ½ years

Trinity Grammar Scouts has always been a popular Co-curricular activity. Both Cub Scouts and Scouts experience an active involvement with outdoor activities, camps, bush walks, and numerous other adventure and learning activities. These structured activities are not only fun and informative, they are aimed at completing awards set by the Scouting Association.

Scouting, in keeping with the general principles of Trinity’s aim to provide a thoroughly Christian education for students, imparts knowledge and understanding of the world we live in, encourages the physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual development of young people so that they take a constructive place in society as responsible citizens. By teaching positive values and leadership skills, Trinity Scouting makes a direct and positive impact on the community.

Scouting is definitely fun, and it also prepares young people for life in the adult world by teaching responsibility for their own actions and progress. These achievements lay a solid foundation for the success of our future Australian leaders. But don’t tell the kids they’re learning … they think they’re just having fun!

This group is for students who are interested in expanding their coding skill set. The year 1 to 6 programme is organised so that students from particular Stages have two terms available per year. This Co-curricular is offered at lunchtimes throughout the week.

Offered to students in Year 6, this Co-curricular activity provides students with opportunities to learn more about STEM Robotics. The group meets one afternoon per week after school.

The Year 1 to 6 French Club programme is organised so that students from particular year groups have two terms available per year. This Co-curricular activity is offered at lunchtimes throughout the week.

This group is a great opportunity for students to participate in playing games while incorporating the Mandarin language. Offered in Term 3 and 4, one lunchtime per week.

The Games Group is a great opportunity for students in Years 1 to 2 to play board games and develop social skills. Offered throughout the year, one lunchtime a week.

This Co-curricular activities gives students the opportunity to contribute to looking after two garden beds specifically designed for Gardening Club. Students learn about gardening while enjoying the results of caring for their environment. Offered once a week at lunchtime.

Students have the opportunity to contribute to the Preparatory School’s newspaper. Offered throughout the year, one lunchtime a week.

This club is offered one lunchtime each week. Each year level is provided an opportunity to participate in the club on a Term rotation basis.

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