The Renewal Project

The Renewal Project

A major development of the Summer Hill campus.

Trinity is moving ahead with its plans for the next stage in the development of the Summer Hill campus. Our buildings and facilities have provided great service to generations of students. However, education in and for the 21st century brings new challenges and opportunities, and much of the School’s built environment is ready for renewal.

Plan include:

  • A new four-storey building at the heart of the campus, which will provide flexible general-purpose teaching and learning facilities, along with a new focal point for the School’s Reception, administrative offices and the relocated Arthur Holt Library. This building will sit between Number 2 Oval and the quadrangle, and between the Sports Centre and the James Wilson Hogg Assembly Hall, replacing the 1982 building known as ‘New School’.
  • The James Wilson Hogg Assembly Hall, the Roderick West School of Music, the Cafeteria and Founders Building will all be refurbished as part of this development and the James Mills Drama Centre will be relocated as part of the creation of a Performing Arts Precinct.
  • Number 3 Oval will be excavated to create an additional carpark which will be connected to the car park under Number 2 Oval to increase the School’s capacity to manage parking and traffic. Number 3 Oval will be restored as a natural turf playing field.
  • A new Multi-Purpose pavilion will be built between Number 1 Oval and Number 3 Oval, providing additional indoor court and event space.
  • Connections around the School campus will be improved, particularly between the car parks and the Junior School, with particular attention given to providing better access through consistent ground levels.
  • New maintenance and grounds facilities, which will be moved from the centre of the campus to the periphery, reducing potential interaction between students and operational traffic.
  • The activation of more outdoor spaces within the campus, including a new Junior School playground, new pedestrian access from Prospect St, and the establishment of landscaped areas suitable for education and recreation.

*Indicative and subject to change

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Questions and Answers

Our buildings have provided great service to generations of students. However, like all infrastructure, ongoing investment and renewal are necessary to ensure that they continue to be fit for purpose. In bringing together a number of smaller developments into The Renewal Project, the School has simplified the approval pathway, the financing and the construction processes. In addition, combining the various developments enables the School to ensure that the interfaces and connections between the various elements are well-designed and functional.

The improvement of traffic issues is one of the factors driving this development. The first stages of the project will increase the School’s capacity to accommodate traffic and parking onsite and off local streets.

During the construction period, there will be a Construction Traffic Management Plan to ensure that construction-related traffic creates as little disruption as possible.

In addition, the School is implementing its Green Travel Plan. You can read more about this here.

Information about this development can be found on the NSW Government’s Major Projects website at this link.

The Renewal Project includes all current plans for the development of the Summer Hill campus.

The construction will take part in stages.

The first stages will include the construction of a maintenance building on Seaview St, a new pedestrian access from Prospect Rd (adjacent to the War Memorial Chapel), and the new carpark under Number 3 Oval. These stages should be completed in 2022.

Planning for the later stages is still taking place, but we do not anticipate that there will be any further construction-related disruption to Victoria St, as the main building compound will be situated on Number 1 Oval and accessed at the southern end of Prospect Rd.

The School and the construction team will be closely monitoring the impact of the development and will update the community regularly with regards to progress and upcoming changes.

No. Most of the development has been designed to take place in the centre of the School campus, away from the site boundaries.

Yes. One of the reasons we have decided to proceed with a staged development programme is to ensure we maintain “business as usual” during the development of the new building. Where feasible, construction work is staggered to take advantage of the School’s holiday periods, but with a significant development we are unable to keep construction to holiday periods solely.

An environmental management plan has been written and is available as part of the Development Application. We will ensure our builders are conscious of the local environment and they maintain clean workplaces, in addition to careful management of construction waste and noise management.

The State Significant Development Application process required consultation with local residents. The records of this consultation can be seen on the development’s page on the NSW Government Major Projects website. The feedback and input from this consultation has been considered and has contributed to the current shape of The Renewal Project. The School is committed to ongoing communication with local residents and welcomes contact through the following channels outlined in the Contact section of this webpage.

One of the conditions of the development’s approval was the establishment of an independently-chaired Community Consultative Committee, which provides a forum for discussion between the proponents of the project and the representatives of the community on issues relating to the Project. The Committee seeks to ensure that the community and stakeholder groups are kept informed of the status of projects, are engaged in the development and implementation of the project, and are able to provide feedback to proponents on key issues and concerns.

Follow the latest updates and news on the project by visiting the School website and the Renewal Project pages created specifically to keep the community informed.

This project is vital to the long-term sustainability of Trinity’s delivery of education. It is also a unique opportunity to replace an ageing building with a development the community can be proud of, and where we can efficiently deliver education to young men of the future. Please contact our Director of Development to enquire about offering support.

The new development will make innovative use of the site including both indoor and outdoor play space. The development includes a comprehensive landscaping upgrade which includes the planting of almost 70 trees to the campus as well as additional trees planted on the northern boundary of Yeo Park.

Strategies, plans and programmes

All approved strategies, plans, programs, CCC Meeting minutes, registers and monitoring reports required under the consent are publicly available.

Access the folder here.

Community Consultative Committee Meetings

TGS CCC Meeting Minutes are available via this linked folder.

CCC Contact

David Johnson

0412 160 200

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