Take flight with InSite

InSite is the School’s online platform for communicating with Trinity’s current parents, staff, and students;
a single portal view for communications at the School.

InSite is designed to inform and engage the Trinity community in all aspects of life at the school.


Personal and targeted communications

We know parents are required to navigate and often interpret a mass of information. InSite makes it easier because you will now receive news and notices on your personal dashboard based on who you are, the Year group of your son, the campus he attends, his co-curricular involvement, teaching and learning etc. We are moving from mass communication to relevant, targeted communication based on the audience. This will reduce ‘noise’ and make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.


You can choose how you want to receive your communications

Trinity is a busy place. Any number of events occur on a weekly basis. Although Trinity makes a conscious effort to keep parents informed, things can get missed. We recognise that our parents need a way that works for them.

Outside of the School, we all generally use a range of applications to navigate our social calendars and working lives. InSite replicates this familiar process, with a system that is easily accessible and allows you to choose how to stay informed.

InSite includes key features to set up an environment for successful communication:

  • Dedicated dashboard
  • Personalised mobile app for anywhere, anytime access
  • Notifications system controlled by the preference of the user

InSite’s personalised notification enables parents to choose from a range of communication options including: instant notifications, an email digest or even push notifications via the School app. With so many choices, you are able to find a medium that works best for you.

Once you have set up InSite please take a moment to review your message settings and customise your experience to ensure you’re receiving a notification when news and notices are posted on InSite.

You can easily change the way you receive notifications via InSite through your personal message settings. We will remind you to review your message setting via InSite on a regular basis


One-stop shop

As well as targeted news and notices on your dashboard feed, InSite offers portal functionality so you can have more at your fingertips. These include:

  • Dashboard Quick Links to calendars, news, canteen orders, events, and more
  • Choose and join favourite groups, such as the library, P&F and Campus auxiliaries
  • The ability to save news and notices to read later


Clear and concise notifications

Why use 280 words when 80 will do? When it comes to the structure of notices, the Trinity communications team is encouraging staff to keep the notices they write short ‘n’ sweet. Clear titles and two main calls to action assisting you, our community, to easily identify news that requires actioning and to encourage action to be taken in prompt manner.

  • Action Required and
  • Reminder


Skim or deep dive: it’s up to you

InSite will host regular long form new articles from members of staff such as the Headmaster and Heads of Campus, as well as Teaching and Learning, Co-Curricular and Wellbeing.

Each Head of Campus will update their community on a regular basis which will capture goings on and upcoming events and activities.


InSite is also available via an App

Please download the App via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Learn How to Login

Follow the instructions below to
activate your InSite account.


Find and open the email: Welcome to Trinity

When you commence at the School the School's ICT team will create your parent login, which will be sent to you via email. Take the time to read all of the information on your welcome email prior to activating your account.
Please check your Inbox and Junk / Spam folders before contacting the School about missing this email.


Activate your account

Follow the helpfully titled 'Click here to activate your account' instruction in your email.

NOTE: If you already have a linked Microsoft account on your email, skip ahead to STEP 4.


Create a Microsoft account to link to your email address

Setting up a linked Microsoft account to your email (if you do not already have one) is required to proceed with your new login. ONLY DO THIS if you do not have a Microsoft account linked to your email already. Microsoft will guide you through setting it up, using the following steps:

  • Click on ‘Create one’
  • Create a password for your Microsoft Account
  • Sending a verification code to your email that you will need to input
  • Solving a puzzle (this is to ensure the account is being set up by a human)


Accept permission request from Trinity

Grant permission for Trinity to interface with your Microsoft Account.
Click the Accept button to access Trinity's ICT applications and services and you will be redirected to a reminder to download the new School app onto your mobile device (see below).


After your new InSite login is set up, download the refreshed School app

After your new InSite login is set up, download the School app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Contact Trinity's ICT Service desk for help

To access ICT support, please submit a support ticket.
You can also call the ICT Help Desk on 02 9581 6126.