The HSC and latest results

The HSC and latest results

The Higher School Certificate can be completed by those who wish to receive an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) and those who do not. Trinity students are encouraged to work towards an ATAR in order to keep options open as they think about their future.

What is involved in the HSC?

Trinity students studying the HSC in Year 11 must complete 13 units of study, including six 2 unit subjects, at least one Extension subject, and 2 units of English.

In Year 12, students must once again complete 2 units of English and 4 subjects in total, but are only required to complete 10 units of study.

Why might students prefer the HSC? The credential:

  • Is accepted by all universities across Australia
  • Is well understood by the community and many peers at other schools will be studying for the HSC, allowing them to share their experiences
  • Caters for students who would like to undertake some vocational subjects
  • Only has one compulsory subject – English – allowing students to explore a wide curriculum specialise in areas such as Maths/Sciences, Humanities, or the Creative Arts
  • Includes a 50% Assessment component in each subject. With examinations only worth 50% of the final results, students can appreciate the relieved pressure associated with major examinations

Deciding between the HSC or the IB Diploma?

Read about our last results on our online bookshelf.

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Trinity Grammar School is proud to have many students who achieve fantastic HSC results. Read their stories below.

News from our HSC students