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From the Headmaster

Co-education and single-sex schooling

I imagine that many in the Trinity community will have noticed the announcement earlier this week by Newington College that they intend to become co-educational in the years ahead. In response to the decision, some of the public commentary, and a number of queries that I was receiving, I wrote the following opinion piece that [...]

Sport in the life of our School

Sport is an essential element in our School’s educational vision. We have a particular focus on competitive team sports. There are recreational sport options open to the boys, where the focus is on participation and improvement, but all boys are required to put on the School colours as part of a team in at least [...]

Learning from the International Boys School Coalition

During the course of the mid-year break, along with a small group of Trinity staff, I attended the International Boys School Coalition (IBSC) annual conference in Auckland. The IBSC is comprised of nearly three hundred member schools across the world who are committed to advancing the education of boys in boys’ schools. You can read [...]