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Do more, get more?

There’s an adage that if you want something done, give it to a busy person. It might apply to Trinity students who have schedules that are bursting at the seams and yet see growth and achievement across their co-curricular and academic pursuits. A couple of Trinity staff members who observe this are Mrs Elizabeth Murphy, […]

From the Head Master

In writing my article for the final weekly Bulletins for 2021, I find myself looking both forward and back. I am very thankful that the rhythm of School life has been maintained without a confirmed case of COVID-19 at school through this term. After the extended time at home in the second half of the […]

From the Head of the Preparatory School

Llandilo Development Opening – Save the date I am pleased to provide advanced notice about the official opening of the Llandilo Development, including the new Basketball Court between Milverton and the Canteen which will be held on Friday 28th January at 9:30am. We are excited to officially open the newly created Year 5 and 6 […]

Christmas Lessons and Carols

Please enjoy Trinity’s celebration of the birth of Christ in an abridged format to our traditional Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols.        

From the Head Master

One of the more commonly used metaphors when thinking about the passage of time likens periods of one’s life to the chapters of a book. It verges on being a cliché, but the reason metaphors become clichéd is that they express an obvious truth. Life does come to us in chapters. There is a beginning […]

Ready for anything

Life is unpredictable. Trinity’s Careers and Student Pathways Advisor, Ms Sue Draysey is committed to making sure every Trinity student has the tools they need to navigate any challenge that comes their way. Careers advisors have always been dedicated to preparing students for whatever pathway they will take when they leave school. The transition is a significant one in ordinary times, but […]

From the Head Master

I have a nerve-wracking concern that I may have done something dumb. Earlier this week, I commented to a colleague that things appear to be running quite smoothly. The situation with COVID appears to be more and more under control across the State, the resumption of ‘normal’ School life continues to unfold, and there is […]

Delivering Health To The Homeless

“Trinity turned me into the man I am today” Dr Daniel Nour, who has been named NSW Young Australian Of The Year, says his free mobile health service for Sydney’s homeless might never have become a reality without the inspiration provided by Trinity Dr Nour works full-time at Royal North Shore Hospital but on top [...]

From the Head Master

Continuity and change are strangely mixed in schools. There are dimensions of school that have great stability, but there is a constant current of change running through the community. I have been reflecting on this dynamic recently with reference to our buildings and facilities. From time to time, through the work of our Archives team, […]

Mock Trial Victory

Trinity has continued its successful run in the Mock Trial competition, winning its quarter-final against William Clarke College of Kellyville. The Trinity team won in fine fashion 199-167, and will now progress to the semi-finals, to be held before November 26 against as-yet unknown opposition. Trinity took the part of the plaintiff in the imaginary […]