The House Structure

Middle and Senior House System

From the moment they step into the Middle School, to the moment they graduate after Year 12, students belong to a House where they are led by House Masters who are the key link between home and the School.

In total there are 16 Houses and 32 House Masters, meaning that each House is a small unit within the larger school, providing students with secure and familiar environments.

During their time within a House, students get to know their peers – not just those in the same classes or within their own year group, but also those who are younger and older than them – as they strengthen relationships throughout the School community, relationships that will last far beyond graduation.

There are also plenty of leadership opportunities within each House, alongside opportunities to learn about community, responsibility, and self-awareness.

Naturally, The House System also fosters a healthy sense of competition as each group of students aims to do better than their peers allocated to other houses. With time to connect through House Camps and other designated activities, The House System allows students to truly become connected to the School in a way that creates lasting bonds.