Out and about with Berea Mission 2023

Out and about with Berea Mission 2023

A staple in the School’s calendar, Berea Mission sees students from Trinity spread across Sydney to put their leadership skills to the test and share God’s Word with students from other schools. 

As ever, this year’s Bereans found the experience eye-opening, challenging and rewarding. Don’t take our word for it, hear from the students themselves! 


“Leading new kids that I had never met before was the hardest part for me.” – Edward Layson 

“I stepped out of my comfort zone by delivering a lunchtime group talk to children, which I had not done before.” – Will Bryan 

“Talking off the top of my head in a formal manner to a big group of people took me out of my comfort zone.” – Ethan Wong

“In discussion groups some kids asked tough questions, or at other times weren’t engaged, and it was challenging to talk to them in a way they would understand.” – Toby Chan


“It was impactful to see that the kids were so enthusiastic about us being there.” – Elliot Russell

“It was encouraging that the kids we taught at lunchtime Bible study remembered our names and what we talked about – also seeing how enthusiastic so many kids were and how Bible-centred the School is.” – Ryan Webb 

“My favourite part of Berea mission this year was being able to connect with younger kids and see how impactful it was for them to hear the Good News from somebody not ‘old’.” – Joel Britton

“It was impactful to see primary school kids so engaged with the Bible and having such a rich knowledge, being unafraid to share and talk about the Bible.” – Matthew Vickery 


“I feel like I grew in confidence in telling God’s Word faithfully so that His message is proclaimed. Not focusing on myself and my ability to speak because it’s through his Word and power that people are transformed.” – Timothy Braga 

“I was really inspired by seeing growth in others, and this allowed me to improve in my own faith as well.” – Joel Britton 

“You learn a lot through talking to people and spreading the Gospel. I was able to learn through teaching and strengthen my own beliefs.” – Joel Prodigalidad 

“I grew in my faith by taking a step back from the pressure and business of school, and just focusing on God’s Word. It brought a sense of pure joy, love, and thankfulness.” – Theo Salvartsis 

“I grew in my faith by learning more about the way God is working in other people’s lives and seeing how they are being guided through faith.” – Luke Simpson 

This article originally appeared in our July Edition of Trinity News.
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