Pastoral Care at Trinity

Pastoral Care Programme

Throughout every stage of a student’s academic journey at Trinity, they are supported by the School’s range of effective Pastoral Care Programmes. Some programmes are undertaken by all students, while others are targeted at specific groups. The programmes also vary in intensity and are tailored to student needs.

Reflecting current educational and psychological research and focusing on the fundamentals of good parenting to provide care and discipline, Trinity’s Pastoral Care network is designed to help students to thrive in a consistent, caring, and nurturing environment.

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Prep and Junior Schools

Learning Pathways

In these early years, the class teacher is the crucial provider of pastoral care. Class teachers work to gain as much knowledge as they can about each student in their charge including about their family life, their cognitive abilities and attitudes, their ability at games, their hobbies, interests, hopes, fears, and more.

Pastoral care also includes correction and guidance when students are in breach of discipline. The class teacher is the first point of contact for parents concerning any matter relating to their son.

Middle and Senior Schools

The Trinity House System is the key link between home and the School. When students enter the Middle School, they are placed into one of 16 Houses, led by 32 House Masters. The House System is central to fostering an environment where boys feel safe, valued, engaged, and purposeful.

This system continues throughout a student’s time in the Senior School, giving them guidance, mentorship, and strong relationships built on loyalty that last to graduation and beyond.

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