Traffic Management

Traffic Management
(Summer Hill Campus)

For the safety of our boys and broader community

Carpark Management

Vehicle Exit Management | During peak periods

Traffic Map

Vehicle Exit Management | During peak periods

Traffic Management Directions:

  1. Left turn only at the top of Jubilee Drive in peak times. (8:00-9:00am and 3:00-5:30pm). A number of exit routes for parents are provided in the enclosed maps. At all times parents should follow the directions of staff on duty.Please be vigilant and mindful of pedestrians when exiting.
  2. Delmar Gate on Victoria Street is closed on school days and NO ACCESS is available through this gate on Monday to Friday at any time. Pedestrian access to the School is only via the southern side of Jubilee Drive, Chapel Way and Prospect Road main gates. The maps above indicate pedestrian routes to and from the School including access to public transport.
  3. Parents are not to use Victoria Street to drop off/pick up students anywhere along the school frontage, north of Jubilee Drive.
  4. There is a drop off and pick up line including a split lane in the Jubilee Carpark at the northern end. (see map) This enables Junior School Drop Off to not interfere with Middle and Senior School Drop Off in the morning.
  5. Parents parking during peak times should enter parking lanes via the eastern end of the lanes inside Carpark No 2.