Renewal Project: Start of 2023 Update

Renewal Project: Start of 2023 Update

While staff and students are spending the summer break unwinding from the year gone by and gearing up for another wonderful year, the Renewal Project forges ahead, taking advantage of the quiet School campus to make significant progress.

Stage 1 – Seaview Street Maintenance Building

During November 2022, foundations and the ground floor slab of the Seaview Street Maintenance Building were completed. Over the course of December and January the building structure – including blockworks and steelwork – commenced. The installation of the new Stormwater OSD has also progressed, with concrete pouring over the month of January.

Stage 1 – Ceremonial Access

The new pedestrian access from Prospect Rd up the northern side of the War Memorial Chapel to the Quadrangle is under construction. The in-ground services have been established and the landscaping is underway. Weather permitting, this element of the work is expected to be finished by mid-Term 1, 2023.

Stage 1 – Quad Access

The old Quadrangle concrete has been removed, underground services have been established, and the paving around the Quadrangle has been completed.

Stage 2 – Jubilee Driveway

The new Jubilee Driveway has been completed, providing access to the re-oriented Carpark 2. The changes to Carpark 2 are intended to optimise traffic movement in conjunction with the new Carpark 3 facilities; however, until Carpark 3 is operational, there will be an interim period in which we have an overall reduced capacity for carparking and in which higher levels of traffic congestion at peak times are likely. Pedestrian access on Jubilee Drive is restricted to the northern side of the driveway for the time being. There will be increased staffing levels and traffic management at the top of Jubilee Drive and in Carpark 2 to assist with the interim arrangements.

Stage 2 – Oval No. 3 & new car park

The work on Carpark 3 has progressed substantially over the summer, with a number of major concrete pours having taken place and with more than 80% of the excavation having been completed. As the excavation continues, the ramp down from Carpark 2 to Carpark 3 will be established and the concrete pours will continue.

Stage 2 – Junior School Link Access

The complications of constructing the Junior School link between Carpark 2 and the Junior School have continued to delay progress. Engineering solutions have been found to resolve the unforeseen structural issues. These solutions will be implemented over the next few weeks, which will enable the restoration of the wall for S1.3 and the further formation of stairs and ramps.

Student Engagement

Over the summer holidays, Trinity Grammar School placed 10 TGS students on five-day work placement blocks with builders Hansen Yuncken.

Public Domain works

The Public Domain works have not progressed over the summer. A new raised pedestrian crossing on Prospect Rd, a modified traffic intersection at Prospect Rd and Old Canterbury Rd, new footpaths on Seaview St and Victoria St, and a new crossing on Victoria St are all expected to progress during Term 1.


Questions or concerns? Contact Scott Swann, Director of Major Projects, Trinity Grammar School via the contact form on our website found here.

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