Trinity Connection High Tea

Trinity Connection High Tea

In June, the Trinity Connection – a Trinity community group comprised of past parents and carers of boys who attended Trinity – came together for a High Tea event. 

A welcome reprieve from the cooler weather, guests were warmed by each other’s company as they enjoyed an array of treats – mini sandwiches, gourmet sausage rolls and pies, mini cakes, fruit pots and pavlovas – and delicious beverages, all served on vintage teacups and saucers. The serving ware was a particular talking point for many of the Connections ladies as they recognised nostalgic patterns and designs from their own homes or those of family members. 

Trinity Connection President Cathy Clark addressed the guests in attendance, expressing gratitude for the continued tradition of parents and carers joining together to support Trinity. 

She also proposed a new volunteer group meeting during each term break to assist Vinnies Vans with sandwich making. Currently, students involved in community service undertake this volunteer work each week, but naturally there is a pause during term breaks. With help from Trinity Connection, this community effort has the potential to continue year-round, to benefit more in the wider community. 

The idea of bringing parents together for a catch-up and helping the local community was well received, with a number of volunteers noting their interest in the sandwich-making initiative. 

Attendance at the High Tea was strong and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. In addition to those involved in Trinity Connection, the event was also attended by some special guests, including Chairman of the School Council, Mr Richard Pegg, Acting Headmaster Mr Bradley Barr and OTU President Mr Warrick Keable. 

The Trinity Connection originally formed in 1989. Started by a group of mothers who wished to stay ‘connected’ after their sons had left the School, the Trinity Connection has since expanded and includes all past parents and carers of boys who attended Trinity.

The motivation for the original Trinity Connection remains true today: gathering parents who seek to stay in touch with the School and each other after spending many hours on the sporting sidelines, concerts or at events.

To learn more about the Trinity Connection and membership click here.

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