Train Strike Cancelled | All Speech Days at Town Hall

Train Strike Cancelled | All Speech Days at Town Hall

With this evening’s announcement about the train strike being cancelled, we’ve been reminded of the Mike Tyson quote that everyone has a plan until they receive a punch in the face. Moving faster than an old red rattler, we have made the quick decision to revert to Plan A!

The opportunity to gather and celebrate the successes of the boys in our original, preferred location of Town Hall is one we want to embrace. For the first time in many years, we will hold the celebratory end-of-year events for each of the Preparatory School, the Junior School and the Middle and Senior Schools on the same day.

  • Junior School:
9:00am Sydney Town Hall
  • Preparatory School:
11:30am Sydney Town Hall
  • Middle and Senior Schools:
3:00pm Sydney Town Hall

This plan requires students and families to make their own way to and from the relevant events at Town Hall.

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