Prep | Year 4 News

Prep | Year 4 News


This term, Year 4 has been learning about poetry, language features, poetic devices and predicting. The boys have explored many different types of poetry and identified their different text features. They have studied different poetic devices used within poems to help engage the audience. Students have developed the skills to produce different types of poetry and incorporate a range of poetic devices to support their writing. These learning experiences have enabled the boys to develop their skill of making predictions and using inferencing to support their predictions.


This term the boys in Year 4 have been learning about two dimensional shapes, three dimensional shapes, angles, lines, chance and money. They have developed their understanding of the key attributes of 2D and 3D shapes, angles and lines by identifying and drawing shapes. The boys have experienced a range of learning experiences which have given them a greater understanding of how chance exists in everyday situations. Students will continue to experience a range of real-life problems which incorporate numerous mathematical concepts such as division, multiplication, addition, subtraction, fractions, percentages and decimals.


This term, Year 4 have been engaging in our unit, Where We Are in Place and Time. In Year 3, this saw the boys learn about the discovery and colonisation of Australia which has been a brilliant springboard into our central idea of, ‘Exploration leads to discovery and new understandings’. By taking a more global approach to our inquiry this term, we have been able to delve into significant discoveries and explorations that have impacted society. Over the last few weeks, the boys have been inquiring into a chosen explorer and sharing their research with their peers. Throughout this task, the boys have been focussing on developing their time-management and self-management skills.


This term in Music, year 4 is inquiring into the Stand Alone Unit of Inquiry Percussion and Groove with Key Concepts of Form, Change and Connection as well as singing and preparing carols for the Christmas Service at the end of the year. They have begun the unit by experimenting and composing with beats, drum patterns and loops on GarageBand. By the end of the term, the students will create a small, individual GarageBand composition that demonstrates their understanding of the functionality of the program as well as rhythm, form, texture and dynamics. The boys are also currently learning to sing the carols of ‘The First Noel’ and ‘Sing We Now of Christmas’ making sure they address vocal technique, follow conductors cues, and blend with their class to create a rounded and clear tone.

Christian Studies

This term, the boys are investigating how exploration leads to discovery and shapes new understandings. They will be researching the purpose of sharing the gospel in native cultures, some of the long-term impacts to the native culture – positive and negative and what this looks like today with some local case studies. They will be using their communication and group skills to present their findings at the end of the term and share their own personal perspective. In Chapel, we will be investigating how we celebrate Christmas – do we have the story correct and what place do food, feasting and fellowship have? How can all these wonderful aspects enhance our experience of Christmas without taking away from the central message of Jesus’ birth.

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