Prep | Year 2 News

Prep | Year 2 News

In the spirit of student agency, we asked our Year 2 learners what their highlights were over the past 3 weeks. Please enjoy some of their responses below…

Grandparents’ Day

To get ready for Grandparents’ Day we prepared posters written in their home languages.

There were over ten languages in our class alone! We also tidied our classroom so we had space for everyone to join us at our tables. We did some fun stuff when they came. Some grandparents helped us with our Sharing the Planet UOI by recording themselves answering questions like:

  • How much rubbish did you have back when you were a child?
  • What did you eat for lunch and how did you carry it?
  • What was different about your school from Trinity?

I also really enjoyed drawing what I learnt about my grandparents’ young life.

By Aiden Har, 2B

Sharing the planet

In UOI we have learnt how we Trinitarians can take action by thinking of ideas to stop polluting and harming the planet and instead protect and sustain the planet’s resources.

We have watched some videos and read some books about how we can protect and sustain the planet. We have done tasks to learn more about how to respect the planet by using renewable resources and not non-renewable resources because non-renewable resources can harm the environment. Non-renewable resources can harm the environment by people littering single use plastic or people using too many non-renewable resources and that goes in landfill which will go underground.

Our class has been bringing renewable resources to school like fruits, veggies and reusable plastic and we’re also trying hard not to bring things that have to go to the landfill.

We have learnt that if we use reusable things like bottles and paper the planet will be healthy but unfortunately people are using too many non-reusable things that endangers animals and makes the planet an unhealthy planet that nobody wants  to live in.

So that’s why we are doing things to help the planet be healthy. It would be great if you could join us by planting nature, using less water and shutting the electricity off when you don’t need it. All of these actions are respecting the environment so I would rather everyone work together and fix our planet like it used to be.

By Zachary Michelakis & Alvin Wang, 2G

In UOI we have also been learning about Indigenous Australian peoples and how they were the original carers of the land. The Indigenous people believed that the earth was a part of their family, and they took care of it. But now we have started to destroy Australia by polluting it. Australia is the Indigenous people’s home and they cared for it by helping the animals but now lots of animals are endangered and may deplete. The Indigenous did take fish but not all of the fish, so there would be more fish in the future. Secondly, there is a time that we stop to recognise the Indigenous people. It is called NAIDOC week. That’s why Indigenous people are important, and we should acknowledge the hard work they did protecting the planet.

By William Obaid, 2G


In Maths, we have been learning about 2D shapes and 3D objects. We even learned how to measure the area of different 2D shapes. We learned that 3D objects have edges, but some do not, like a sphere. Spheres have no edges or flat faces, only one curved surface. An edge is a line where faces meet. A face is a flat surface on a 3D object. A corner is a place where edges meet. A fancy word for corner is vertex or vertices if there’s more than one. We discovered that 3D objects have faces which are 2D shapes, except for a sphere.

Some of the 3D object learning we did was researching different objects, building models of 3D objects with different materials and creating posters to teach the Kindergarten boys about 3D and their features.

By Jayden Zhu, 2C


In Mandarin, we have begun this term by revising food vocabulary through the concept of “loan words” when English and Chinese words sound alike. The boys learned to polish their language inquiry and communication skills through recording and presenting a lunch survey in Chinese with the awareness of the concept of an eco-friendly lunch. We then further explore the idea of waste free snacks by extending the vocabulary for fresh fruits and vegetables.  The knowledge acquisition with student agency in taking “green” actions in their lunch preparation has made the language learning very purposeful.

Christian Studies

Journeys are an amazing part of our lives. We began this term by finishing our journey with Moses and Joshua to the Promised Land. The boys recreated the story of Joshua and the city of Jericho to understand how Joshua needed to trust God for all things. We began our new UOI on the power and purpose of prayer – an investigation into talking with God. The boys will be exploring the different ways we communicate in life and why it is important. To help us learn the concepts and vocab, the boys did a treasure hunt and discovered where they can find the stories and words in their Read with me Bible. Talking with God is an amazing experience, and they will be learning about the “5 Finger Prayer” – a simple way to remember how and what to pray for.

In Chapel, we are thinking about “the fruit of the Spirit”. This encourages us all to think about how we share love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control with others. We have been learning a new crazy song reminding us that the fruit of the Spirit is not a coconut, or banana but the actions that come from us to serve others. It is also encouraging for them to see other staff members come to Chapel and share their wonderful joy about Jesus with the boys.

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