Looking forward, looking back | Careers update

Looking forward, looking back | Careers update

It has been wonderful speaking with boys about their post-school plans. Our students’ interests are wide and varied – they want to design, they want to build, they want to write, to teach, to heal, and to entertain. They ask me about ways to achieve these goals and are open to exploring what their Year 13 will have to offer them.

Without doubt, conversations over the past few weeks have included some poignant observations about what this school term is bringing. In among these reflections, your sons’ resilience and vulnerability come through. It is an honour to support them in making decisions about next year.

One Year 12 student commented to me that this wasn’t what he thought his last term of school would look like. This may well be true of almost everything – we simply don’t know what is in store. We look to structure and what others tell us of new experiences, to prepare us for what comes next. What we can rely on is the journey we have taken to get to the point where we consider the ‘what next?’. This is applicable in general, and equally when looking at post-school study options. What you have done so far, will help inform what you do next.

That is the solid foundation that cannot be taken away. The commitment our students have made to their education remains their best asset. The message for our students is to keep to your path, use your support network and keep asking questions.

Students are encouraged to keep an eye on the Canvas Careers pages and announcements – this is where information about things like the new UTS entry pathway has been provided. As always, please ask me if you have any questions.

Courses and contacts

Please refer to Courses & Contacts for details of courses and contacts that may be of interest to you and your sons.

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