Trinity COVID Safety and Information

All updates and information of which parents,
students and visitors to the School need to be aware
in regards to Trinity’s COVID safety planning.

Please ensure you read the latest announcements, review any FAQs and
understand how to be COVID safe.

Please continue to monitor the NSW Health Website and adhere to the advice as appropriate.

Latest TGS Covid Announcements

Covid Update: 2023

The School will continue to operate in a COVID-safe way by implementing school-based risk assessment processes and risk mitigation to...

Covid Safety

  • They have any, however mild, cold or flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, sore/scratchy throat, shortness of breath, loss of taste or sense of smell
  • They have been tested for COVID-19 and have not yet received their test result
  • They have been directed by NSW health to self-isolate
  • They have tested positive for COVID-19

A household contact is a person who lives with someone who has a confirmed base of COVID-19.

  • If your son is a household contact, he no longer needs to isolate.
  • He is able to come to school so long as he is symptom-free and has a negative RAHT test each day that he is a household contact.
  • If in the Middle or Senior School, he will also need to wear a mask while at school; mask-wearing is encouraged in the Preparatory and Junior School by boys who are household contacts.
  • If your son is a household contact, parents must notify the school via the absentee tile on the School app and choose ‘COVID-19 Household Contact Attending School’.

Check the NSW Health website for up-to-date information regarding isolation.

The government has provided a significant number of Rapid Antigen Home Tests (RAHT) to the School.  These RAHT tests will be distributed to students and staff.

  • Each student has been issued with 8 RAHT tests to be used by families at their own discretion when they consider it necessary for peace of mind or if they display COVID 19 Symptoms.
  • The School is to be notified if a positive result is received but does not need to be informed if a negative result is received.
  • Once a person who has tested positive has finished their isolation, they do not need to self-isolate or undertake testing (RAHT or PCR) for 28 days unless symptoms reappear.

These protocols are in place to ensure the safety of all players, staff and parents attending sport hosted by Trinity Grammar School.

General Protocols

Do not attend the School Campus or Sport Venue if you have:

  • tested positive to COVID 19,
  • are unwell or are displaying even mild covid symptoms
  • required to self-isolate as per current NSW Health advice
  • Practise good hygiene the School Campus and at sport venues
  • Masks are to be worn in all indoor facilities when not participating in a sporting activity
  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser on arrival to the School or sports venue. Implement hand hygiene practices at regular intervals throughout your visit to the School or sports venue
  • Maintain respiratory hygiene. Cover your cough or sneeze through coughing or sneezing into your elbow or tissue, and then disposing of tissues immediately. Always wash your hands after you have coughed, sneezed or blown your nose
  • Avoid shaking hands. Adopt non-contact greetings
  • Maintain physical distance. Apart from players, maintain physical distance from other people while on the School campus or sport venue and be in allocated areas
  • Players are encouraged to arrive ready to play, play your game and then go home.
  • No catering facilities will be available at the School or sports venues

Please read the latest sport protocol announcements on this page.

The School’s expectation is that all students will attend for face-to-face learning.

The public health advice, the government’s policy, our own experiences over the last two years, and education research are all unambiguous in affirming the importance of students attending school as much as possible.

      • Mask wearing is strongly recommended for all students and staff while indoors at School. NSW Health continues to encourage the community to wear masks where social distancing is not possible.
      • Masks are mandated for Senior and Middle School Students attending school as a household contact with a negative daily RAHT/PCR
      • Surgical masks or higher-specification masks are preferred, rather than cloth masks.
      • Masks are worn on public and mass transport. This applies to students aged 12 years and over, and staff when travelling to and from school and during school excursions by public transport or by chartered or private transport services.
      • Avoid physical contact in greetings, such as shaking hands or hugging.
      • Students will be reminded to use hand sanitiser as they enter and leave rooms as well as washing hands thoroughly as appropriate.
      • Maintain respiratory hygiene – cover a cough/sneeze and dispose of tissues.

Whilst there are no density limits prescribed for Schools, consideration will continue to be given to physical distancing and limiting interactions between students from different year groups, particularly at entry and exit points, and during the course of the school day.

Consideration will always be given to physical distancing and limiting interactions between groups.

As a minimum, students should ensure that the 1.5 metre rule can be applied between people whenever possible.

Students will be reminded to maintain social distancing wherever possible.

Parents and non-essential visitors are now permitted on school sites.
Parents should:

  • Not attend the School if unwell
  • Sign in if through the appropriate reception if they are at school for an appointment.
  • Follow COVID Safe practices.

The School now staggers arrival and departure times in the carpark at Summer Hill. Families are strongly requested to adhere to this schedule.


Years 7-12 8:15am
Years 3-6 8:30am
Years K-2 8:45am


Years K-4 3:00pm
Years 5-6 3:15pm
Years 7-9 3:30pm
Years 10-12 3:40pm

Enhanced COVID-19 cleaning arrangements will remain in place, including:

      • cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as benchtops, desks, doorknobs, taps, and hand rails at regular intervals throughout the day
      • cleaning and disinfecting frequently used objects such as computers, photocopiers, and sports equipment
      • providing bins and hand sanitiser in every classroom and emptying bins regularly throughout the day
      • thoroughly cleaning frequently touched points in bathrooms after each break time and at the end of the day

All staff at the School are required to be fully vaccinated.

The School strongly encourages all students eligible for COVID-19 vaccination to do so. Details about vaccinations are available from NSW Health.

The School has undertaken an extensive ventilation audit of its indoor learning spaces to ensure adequate air circulation in all indoor environments.

  • Air purifiers with HEPA filters will be installed in appropriate locations, as required.
  • Using outdoor settings where practicable
  • Opening windows and doors in learning areas where possible

Uniform Shop

The Midford Uniform Shop will re-open fully.

Online ordering and appointments for uniform fittings are the preferred option.

Make your appointment using the online appointment system (instructions on the School’s Uniform shop page).


No FAQs at this time.