Winning the right way

Winning the right way

Headmaster Tim Bowden has applauded the humility of spirit shown by scores of Trinity students supporting their premiership-winning basketball team.

“I could not have been prouder of you,” he said of the wholehearted but respectful cheering that sustained Trinity’s firsts as they defeated Waverley to cap off an unbeaten 10-match season and claim the CAS title.

He noted that at no stage did the staunch, home-team support at Trinity’s Summer Hill campus Sports Centre veer towards anything remotely disrespectful to their Waverley visitors.

Quite the opposite – before the match players from both teams were introduced to the packed crowd by Trinity’s Co-curricular Director Lachlan White as a way of acknowledging their final match in their School colours.

And afterwards both captains took the microphone, Trinity’s leader wishing his opponents good luck in their Year 12 exams and his Waverley counterpart praising Trinity’s turnaround from last to first in one season, and thanking the crowd for creating such a buoyant atmosphere.

Mr Bowden said the Trinity community valued the “really significant” friendship developed across all the CAS schools.

Later he told students at a School assembly that it could have been easy for supporters to get carried away celebrating a premiership and a 124-66 victory, which was also a Trinity record high points tally.

“It was a dominant win but there was no taunting, no mockery, no denigration.

“There was nothing but wholehearted support of our team.

“With that amount of volume and energy it could have been hostile but it wasn’t. It was respectful.

“We were able to experience something distinctly masculine which was not disrespectful to others.”

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