Artexpress selection a jewel in the crown for Trinity student

Artexpress selection a jewel in the crown for Trinity student

A jewellery making hobby shared with his mother has helped a Trinity Visual Arts student win a highly coveted place in the NSW Artexpress showcase.

Kael Bowditch (12Fo) used jewellery items he fashioned himself, including a ring, earrings, and bracelet, as part of a major HSC project selected for the Artexpress exhibition viewed annually by hundreds of thousands of people.

His body of work, entitled Permanence in Transience, explores the fleeting beauty of flowers through macro-photography and flora-inspired jewellery.

Trinity Maths teacher Katie Brown served as a model, wearing the jewellery shown in photographic panels surrounding the items themselves.

“His work went into a little-known expressive form called ‘Designed Objects’ and is the start of a new trend at Trinity to explore the broader expressive form options,” said Nicole DeLosa, Head of the Visual Arts faculty.

“Kael and his teacher, Alex Wood, were continually examining ways to improve the work for submission; a lot of effort and refinement went into it.

“Kael was completely dedicated to seeing his work realised.

“His jewellery skills are the result of a home hobby Kael shares with his mother.

“His work is a celebration of nature, beauty, and connection to others which inspires us to embrace the profound allure of the natural world.”

Artexpress said that of the 8,660 students who submitted bodies of work this year, only a small percentage of “exemplary” art works were chosen.

Its showcase is described as a “high quality teaching and learning resource representing best practice in visual arts education”.

Exhibitions are selected by gallery curators and education officers from works nominated by HSC markers. The final exhibition is approved by the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards.

Artexpress has exhibited more than 3,000 students’ works in the past 10 years alone and has become a much-anticipated event in Sydney’s cultural calendar.

Works will be shown at galleries around NSW, including the Art Gallery of NSW. Kael, who is overseas at present, will have his work exhibited at the Hazelhurst Arts Centre in Sutherland.

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