Trinity students nominated for HSC Showcases: Shape, Encore, ArtExpress and OnSTAGE

Trinity students nominated for HSC Showcases: Shape, Encore, ArtExpress and OnSTAGE

Throughout the year, many Year 12 students can be found working hard on their HSC major projects – exploring innovation, new ways of expressing ideas and challenging themselves to expand their skills. 

For eight Trinity students, this hard work has received significant external recognition. Each year, the NSW Education Standards Authority holds exhibitions to showcase the exemplary work of Year 12 students. 

Competition is fierce, with strong talent rising in every area of the state. For the Trinity students nominated, now is a time for sitting tight as they hope to be included in the final exhibitions. 


Shape | Industrial Technology 

Due to be held in March – May 2024, the Shape exhibition will take place at the Walsh Bay Arts Precinct, Sydney. Those nominated for inclusion have produced works from Design and Technology, Industrial Technology or Textiles and Design. 

Timothy Chin – ’Shifting Gears’

Through his short film, Timothy is looking to connect with the audience and stimulate conversation around mental health issues, giving people hope. After the death of his mother, in a seemingly hopeless situation, a young boy finds friendship and, ultimately, a hero in the form of a loving, self sacrificial robot. The film showcases skills in animation using 3D model creation in Blender, stop-motion techniques, video and title editing, and sound production. 

Theo Salvartis – Cigar Humidor 

Theo has designed and constructed a finely made Cigar Humidor to store and preserve precious cigars. The opening top reveals the cigar rack, whilst the drawer contains storage of tools for smoking. The box is constructed mainly from Australian Red Cedar and Rock Maple and utilises many delicate techniques. 


Encore | Music 

Encore will be held in March 2024 at the Sydney Opera House, featuring outstanding performance and compositions by students from the HSC Music examinations. 

Nominee Toby Biernoff-Giles is a Music Scholar and Captain of Music for 2023. He performed the following works for his HSC Music 2 Performance Examination: 

  • Water Spirit Song by Ross Edwards (Australian Music Last 25 Years) 
  • Suite for Cello, 3rd Movement by Gaspar Gassado 
  • Sonata for Cello and Piano, 1st Movement by Claude Debussy 

Also nominated, Christian Pulley performed the following works for his HSC Music 2 Performance Examination: 

  • Homage IV: Ravel by John Carmichael (Australian Music Last 25 Years) 
  • Étude Op. 10, No. 4 in C♯ minor, The Torrent, by Frederic Chopin 
  • The Lark by Glinka/Balakirev


ArtExpress | Visual Arts 

Putting HSC Bodies of Work in the spotlight, ARTEXPRESS is focused on celebrating student achievement and connecting communities through visual arts. 

Kael Bowditch is a 2023 nominee with Permanence and Transience, a Body of Work that explores the fleeting beauty of flowers through macro photography and flora-inspired jewellery. His work inspires others to embrace the profound allure of the natural world. 

Also nominated is Ethan Harricks with his Body of Work: Chronicles of Luminescence, an expansive monochrome photographic tableau that unfolds and merges fifteen long-exposure images. Fluid lines and ethereal shapes converge, gracefully evoking the ceaseless dance of the light, an eternal emblem of time’s continuum. 

With Art Through the Ages, Alex Ko has also received a nomination. A five-panel oil on board panorama with its own designed observing base, this work explores the evolving nature of art conventions across history, examining the shifting perceptions of ‘high’ art and exploring audience acceptance of new ideas. 


OnSTAGE | Drama 

Alex Ward – Individual Performance 

Alex’s performance as Hildy Johnson from the Front Page by Ben Hecht and Charles McArthur has been nominated for OnSTAGE, due to be held in February at the Seymour Centre. A video of his performance was submitted to NESA, with a selection committee deciding if it will be included in the final exhibitions. 


A huge congratulations to each of these students as they celebrate this recognition of their work. 


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