Why half a million and beyond this Giving Day? | The mathematics of scholarships

Why half a million and beyond this Giving Day? | The mathematics of scholarships

Going for half a million and beyond – 2023 Giving Day

Funds to perpetually establish the Suli Niulala Memorial Scholarship

Commencing 1st of June, 2023, Trinity is holding its second ever Giving Day.

Last year, the School community was able to raise over $450,000, significantly surpassing the goal set for the day. This year, we’re hoping to smash that record, to raise upwards of $500,000.

Every dollar raised will be contributed to the Suli Niulala Memorial Scholarship, which will be provided to a disadvantaged Indigenous or Pacific Island boy, who has the potential to make the most of a Trinity education.

Building on a foundation of success

“Raising $500,000 this Giving Day is a wonderful establishment step,” explained Headmaster, Tim Bowden. “Our longer-term goal is to reach $1 million for the Suli Niulala Memorial Scholarship because that amount will ensure the scholarship lasts into perpetuity, truly honouring our colleague’s legacy.”

It’s mathematical. Assuming a 7% return over time on a million dollars, half of that return would fund the scholarship, and the other half is reinvested, which preserves the capital and ensures the scholarship lasts into perpetuity. The magic of compound interest means that a million dollars will ensure there will be a boy on the Suli scholarship in the School somewhere in Years 7-12 ongoing into the future.

Mrs Debbie Niulala knows that the scholarship named after her late husband has the power to change lives.

“We are so excited that we could be able to give a boy – at least one boy – an opportunity to come to Trinity every year, forever. How wonderful would that be? If that’s even possible to be able to do, we have to go for it, we’ve just got to go for it.

“It’s wonderful that the scholarship has Suli’s name on it, but it’s just so important that we can give families from all walks of life this opportunity.”

Giving looks different for everyone

Finances aren’t always smooth sailing – it’s exactly why scholarships are so important for students who might not be able to afford a Trinity education – so everyone should think carefully about what they are able to give.

However, there are some generous donors within our community who have been willing to match donations, meaning your dollar goes further. How far? The matching pool will treble any donation you give until the matches run out.

This means that during the 24 hours of Giving Day, $500 is $1500 in the scholarship fund. $1000 is $3000. $5000 is $15,000. All gifts are tax deductible.

Consider your Trinity experience

Whether you’re a parent, a staff member or an Old Boy (or all three!) there’s no doubt you’ve seen the power of a Trinity education in your own life and the lives of those around you.

“Be grateful for the environment you’re in,” Mrs Nuilala urges. “Don’t take it for granted. This is not accessible for so many people in Australia, and when you think about that, think about giving that opportunity to someone else.”

Giving Day takes place from 3pm on Thursday June 1 until 3pm Friday June 2. Donate at the School’s Charidy fundraising website here.

Watch the video message below from the Headmaster, Suli’s wife, Debbie, and son Sam, about the Suli Niulala Memorial Scholarship. Learn how you can be involved in Trinity’s 2023 Giving Day.

Trinity Giving Day | Video Message | Thursday June 1

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