Renewal Project: Summer Holidays Update

Renewal Project: Summer Holidays Update

While staff and students are spending the summer break unwinding from the year gone by and gearing up for another wonderful year, the Renewal Project forges ahead, taking advantage of the quiet School campus to make significant progress.


Stage 1 – Seaview Street Maintenance Building

During November 2022, foundations and the ground floor slab of the Seaview Street Maintenance Building were completed. Over the course of December and January the building structure – including blockworks and steelwork – commenced. The installation of the new Stormwater OSD has also progressed, with concrete pouring over the month of January.


Stage 1 – Ceremonial Access

The forming of the Ceremonial Access link has commenced and the new grand entrance onto the Trinity Grammar School grounds from Prospect Road will include a new breakout seating area for TGS students and visitors, whilst providing a safer access into the school from the Prospect Road drop-off area and bus shelter on Centenary Way. This will go live Mid-Term 1, 2023.


Stage 1 – Quad Access 

The old Quadrangle concrete pavement is being upgraded over December and January to improve stormwater drain-off efficiency and create a new level access throughout this area. The pavement is also being replaced with new 600 x 300 silver black stone pavers which will link into the new Ceremonial Access link, this will go live Term 1 2023.


Stage 2 – Oval No. 3 & new car park

The Eastern side of the new car park has progressed nicely with the fine weather we have been experiencing over the past few months. Three major concrete pours have been completed, with 7000m3 of soil removed and 1734m3 of concrete placed to form the slab areas. Further concrete pours are taking place over January, extending the car park areas. 

Blockwork also commenced during late November and is now completed to the loading dock/office area where the Maintenance/Grounder’s/Cleanser’s amenities will be located.


Stage 2 – Jubilee Driveway

Term 4 of 2022 saw the end of the temporary access road of Victoria Street and the commencement of the new driveway access road into Car park 2 – this is targeted to be operational by 26 January in readiness for Term 1. In conjunction with these works the old car park lighting has been upgraded to improve visibility and the parking orientation has been redesigned and changed to facilitate easier movement through the car park and into parking bays.


Stage 2 – Junior School Link Access

Unfortunately this area was delayed due to unforeseen structural implications with the existing buildings which have taken quite some time to resolve. The JSL Link works are now progressing over January with the forming of three new stairs and ramps and a completion date in early March is targeted.  


Student Engagement

Over the months of December and January, Trinity Grammar School placed 10 TGS  students on five-day work placement blocks with builders Hansen Yuncken.


Questions or concerns? Contact Scott Swann, Director of Major Projects, Trinity Grammar School via the contact form on our website found here.

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