Field Studies Centre | Family Camp Out

Field Studies Centre | Family Camp Out

On the Field Studies Program (FSP), a recently-added element of the Family Visiting Weekend sees each boy inviting a family member to join them at the Woollamia campus, to enjoy the experience of camping overnight together. 

Starting in 2023, the Family Camp Out is held the night before Family Visiting Day, with each student inviting a significant adult to join them overnight, camping under the stars, enjoying a campfire meal fireside chat, and most importantly, each other’s company. 

The Camp Out offers students: 

  • Time to authentically share their Field Studies Program (FSP) journey with a family member or other significant person in their life 
  • A chance to demonstrate the many new skills they’ve developed during the first five weeks of the FSP. 
  • A further chance to develop a sense of agency and grow in confidence as they take on the role of guide, teacher and even chef, during the campout night. 

Mr Tim Knowles, Head of the Field Studies Centre, says that the Camp-Out completes the rite of passage experience for students and has already proven to be a gift for the adult who attends, as an opportunity to share quality time with their teenager, share stories around the campfire, enjoy a meal prepared by the students and observe growth in each young man.

“We just see that it provides so much value both for the boys and for their family, and provides that deeper connection in the Field Studies experience,” he continues. “ We know the boys are growing so much and they’re developing so much during their time here. For their parents to authentically see that in action and for the boys to develop a strong sense of agency as they take control of that experience and take their parents through that journey, is a beautiful thing to watch.” 

The Camp Out element has only been in place since mid-2023, but Mr Knowles says it’s here to stay, with great feedback from parents and students alike. 

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