Green Patch: The Harvest

Green Patch: The Harvest

Term 4 in the Green Patch was all about harvesting our first compost cake and a bounty of vegetables.

Years 5 and 6 have been creating a rainforest pocket at the far end of the Patch under the canopy of the spreading fig trees. Soil conditioning has been a priority in preparing the right conditions. All Year groups have been busy creating the compost cake, removing old plantings and chopping them up to add to the layers.

After aerating and tending it throughout the term they were delighted with the rich black compost that was abundant with wriggly worms. The addition of this organic matter to our soil has it ready to plant. Over the holidays our irrigation system will finish being installed to sustain the plantings we will complete in our last week. The boys will create a legacy to watch mature well into their Senior School years.

Our organic pest control methods continue to keep insect infestations at bay. Catching the butterflies before they can lay their eggs, brushing off the aphids with paint brushes and using our snail and slug traps keeps nasty chemical usage out of the Patch and protects our very treasured native stingless bees.

A variety of new vegetables such as artichokes, parsnips, strawberries and swedes have been harvested for the first time in Green Patch this term. Mrs Stephens has even pickled some swedes and will help us make a delicious dip to celebrate our final tastings next week.

We are hoping the boys will use their Green Patch skills to help maintain their own gardens over the summer holidays.

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