News From the Field Studies Centre

News From the Field Studies Centre

The Field Studies Programme provides the boys with many opportunities to develop their leadership skills. One of my early mentors would share with the groups of young people he worked with his firm belief that “before you can lead others, you must first learn to lead yourself well”. Each morning when the boys wake for fitness training, they must take responsibility for personal leadership. Getting out of bed, getting changed into the clothing they need, then being on time for the session. Completing their morning jobs effectively and contributing to the smooth operation of the campus is another example where personal leadership is important. The boys also take on leadership during the hikes and expeditions, rotating the various roles through the pastoral groups as the term proceeds. Leadership comes more naturally to some than others, but importantly, each boy can grow their skills and experience as a leader while on the FSP.

The boys who have been part of the Paddock to Plate co-curricular group this term took leadership of a service day on site at the Field Studies Centre this week. It was brilliant to see the boys take the initiative on Thursday afternoon to work alongside Mr Lloyd to plan a range of projects for the rest of the group to undertake the following day. Throughout the service day the Paddock to Plate leaders kept the working groups on task and ensured that all the projects were completed to a high standard. Each team had access to a portable speaker and spirits were kept high as they sang along to a playlist of songs curated by the boys.

I spoke to several of the Paddock to Plate leaders throughout the day and their reflections are captured below:

Josh: It was great seeing the boys work together and giving back to the FSC community.

Logan: The boys worked hard and made our job as the leader a lot easier.

Jake: It was really helpful that the boys were all co-operative and listened to instructions.

Zeke: It was good to see the boys doing service for the School.

Banjo: It has been good seeing boys who didn’t have experience with these types of activities learning something new.

Leo: The boys have been able to channel their “inner Mr Lloyd” and get involved in some “Hard Yacka”.

Brock: Everyone is helping out and that effort will benefit the next group of boys who attend the FSP.

Zaine: It has been good to see the boys working hard and putting in 100% effort.

Grayson: Everyone is putting in the effort for the community.

The Field Studies team are always on the lookout for opportunities for student voice and agency to be enacted in authentic ways. Whether it is in the classroom, on the outdoor programme, around campus or in a formal leader meeting, the boys have much to give and bring forward ideas that help improve the experience not just for themselves, but for future FSP participants.

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