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Last Saturday Trinity played a number of challenging matches against teams in higher grades. This was a great test for Trinity and teams will have gained invaluable experience playing in these matches. The 14A and 14B teams are to be commended on their outstanding matches and remaining undefeated thus far this season. They join the 1st VII and 16As who are also undefeated going into this round. The 1st VII, 2nd VII and 16As play in their quarter final matches this weekend against St Aloysius’ College, Shore School and Waverley College respectively. These will be challenging matches which I am sure the players are looking forward to. I wish all teams the best of luck in all their matches.

Team Opponent Result Score
16B ST. ANDREW’S (16A) LOSS 5 – 16

Seamus Rodden | Director of Water Polo


3RD VII | DRAW 7-7

The 3rds boys had their toughest game of the season against St Augustine’s College and this was shown not only in the 7-7 scoreline but also in the 24 kickouts given out to both teams during the game. From the first whistle of the game the intensity within the pool area had risen as a close game was evidently commencing, with the first quarter score being 2-3 To against St Augustine’s. With the two goals by Jonah De Groot (11Ar). The second quarter showed off the Trinity boys strong press defence led by James Barnes-Ferguson (11Ke), which allowed several counter attacks to be produced and well set up mushroom plays. This resulted in the score being 5-4 going into half time as Jonah De Groot (11Ar) scored another goal and Xavier Alfonso (11We) scored 2 goals from centre forward. The third quarter the St Augustine’s boys took the lead again going into the final quarter 5-6 down for the Trinity boys. This drove the boys though with one goal being scored by Jonah De Groot (11Ar) again and then on goal to a St Augustine’s boy it was then down to the final play. Where Jonah De Groot (11Ar) was able to earn a penalty and convert it, achieving a total of 5 goals in the game, then allowing for the final score to be 7-7. This was a hard fought battle and the boys should be proud of their efforts. 

Oscar Jones | Coach

4TH VII | LOSS 3-13

We met the strongest, the 1st team of St. Andrew’s Cathedral School this week. It was a great, instructive game for us. We started the match with four shots on target within the first two minutes. While we were all well set up with opportunities, unfortunately the shots ended up in or in front of their goalie. It was great to see Matthew Newton (11WJ) making great effort in the defence, by blocking two players from shooting. We also had William Brown (11Du) in the goal, who was thriving in his position, by saving a lot of powerful shots. Generally, the team must work on finding good positions for receiving passes and to be more explosive in swimming while being more courageous to swim with the ball. In reality, the difference was the opponent’s two strong swimmers who were also able to scan and change positions for shots, very quickly. Good lessons to learn moving forward for the next game.

Gergely Malyusz | Coach

16B | LOSS 5-16

The 16Bs had their most difficult game of the season against St Andrew’s Cathedral School taking on their 16’s age group team. The boys went down 5-16 however, they should be commended on their hard-fought game, with the first half score only being 4-8 and the boys remaining in the game till the last quarter where fatigue and lack of substitutions resulted in several goals for the other team. The following goal scorers should be commended Daniel Vilate-Gallagher (9Ke), Enrico Ciarroni (10WJ) and both Tim Wang (10We) and Benjamin Hanna (10Ho) for scoring 2 goals each. The boys should learn from this loss and take this as an experience. 

Oscar Jones | Coach

15A | LOSS 0-14

Once again Trinity were totally outclassed by a very strong St Augustine’s College team, going down 0-14. In the first half of the game Trinity failed to control the ball, with poor passing allowing the faster, more skilful players from St Augustine’s to play attacking fast break water polo which really tested Trinity’s defence. This enabled St Augustine’s to score easily and rack up a 10-0 halftime score line. In the second half of the game, Trinity were able to keep control of the ball and did not pass directly to the opposition, which limited the opposition’s attacking opportunities. This enabled Trinity to limit St Augustine’s scoring to just four goals. A great second half by Trinity – a much improved performance. Once again the Trinity goalkeeper, Charlie Tuelon (9Ar) had a good game making a number of fine saves. Dylan Bell (9Hi) and Michael Sotiropoulos (9St) played strongly particularly in the second half where both controlled the ball exceptionally well.

Ray Swinnerton | Coach

15B | LOSS 6-9

This Saturday’s game was a strong showing from the 15Bs against St. Augustine’s College. The boys had a rough start in the first half conceding six goals to the opposition and our team only scoring one by Oliver Ware (8Yo). However, in the second half they improved their positioning and co-ordination to score five goals against St. Augustine’s three. Of note are both Calvin Doyle (8Ho) who scored three goals and Peter Galanos (8St) who scored one. These players pushed themselves to always be available for attacking plays and made many attempts at goal to achieve this. As team players, I would like to commend Benjamin Simonds (8WH) and Nicholas Daw (8Ta), who both consistently covered players in defence and provided passing options to move the ball up the pool.

Nina Seeto | Coach

14A | WIN 9-7

Once again, the 14As have played very well against St. Augustine’s College, even though the scoreline indicates a close match. Pleasingly, all the team players had time in the water and this only adds to the development of their skills. One area to concentrate on is connecting with each other during attacking. On the other hand, the counter attacks have been played well passing to the free-est player to assist the goal. Special mention to our goalkeeper, Zac Bachir (8Mu) who saved many balls and played very well in his role. Christopher McCauley (8WH) played very well as did Toby Street (8La) and Jack Castles (8Du).

Florin Bonca | Coach

14B | WIN 9-7

The team had a tough game this week against St. Augustine’s College, being down by two goals in the first quarter, then up by two by half time, and drawing even in the third quarter. After a swap in goalies for the fourth quarter, the 14Bs utilised their speed advantage to successfully capitalise on two counter attacks to win the game 9-7. Congratulations to all those who added to the scorecard as well as those who assisted in each scoring drive. The boys should view this game as a positive as it shows that they are improving given they earned a draw against this team earlier in the season.

Matthew Robertson | Coach

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