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As year One begins to wrap up their unit of inquiry about technology changing over time, we looked at the Australian book, My Folks grew up in the 80’s by Beck and Robin Feiner. This story was a trip down memory lane for those of us who grew up through this decade. The boys were fascinated by the technology that was used and the clothes that were worn!

One of our online resources, StoryBox Library, has this book available for viewing. Australian actor, Nadine Gardner dresses up in clothes from the era and gives some helpful information before and after the story about the use of the Walkman, cassette tapes and home telephones. Once we had read the book the boys drew their favourite piece of technology from the 1980’s.

The large cassette deck called a Boom Box, Paul drawing a hyper-colour t-shirt. Clothing that changed colour with heat.

William drawing the evolution of the walkman to the Boom speaker of today. Lachlan drew a large box-like TV featuring the show Perfect Match. A TV show that had a robot making dating decisions for people.

Cassette tapes that needed pencils to fix the ribbon that would always come out. Noah. The electric synthesizer that was a piano and guitar in one. Arkie.

Kindergarten have looked at some beautiful Australian picture books this term to help them better understand how people’s actions can have negative and positive consequences on the environment. Some highlights have been Song of the White Ibis by Phillip Gwynne; Kate and Jol Temple’s Bin Chicken books; Jelly-Boy by Nicole Godwin, Walk of the Whales by Nick Bland; The Polar Bear in Sydney Harbour by Beck and Robin Feiner; Just One Bee by Margrete Lamond;  and The Singing Seal by Merv Lamington. All of these books are available for borrowing in the library.

Mrs Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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