From the Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

From the Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

Thank you for your forbearance and good humour this week when the power was interrupted on the Summer Hill Campus on Monday, and for your co-operation and feedback when we had to pivot to Remote Learning on Tuesday. It was an unforeseen, but nevertheless valuable opportunity to pressure test our ability to shut down the site quickly.

You will be aware that we rely heavily on Notifications pushed out through the Trinity App for much of our real time communication relating to sport, transport, the release of the Bulletin on Friday, notification of absences and requests for leave, and so on. This is an extremely efficient way of communicating important information, especially when the information is time critical, such as the cancellation of sports fixtures or buses running late.

What this week taught us was that there are a small number of the community who did not receive our notifications. In almost every case, it was because the correct Subscriptions had not been turned on in the Trinity App Settings Menu. The Head Master encouraged your sons to spend a moment with you to provide any tech support to update your subscriptions, but it is really very simple. Instructions can be found here. May I encourage you to check that for Middle and Senior School families, you have subscribed to

  • Bus routes (if your son travels on a Trinity bus)
  • Calendars (for assessment tasks and events)
  • Middle/Senior School Sport (for cancellations)
  • Middle/Senior School Year Levels (for all other real time announcements that are time sensitive)

If you have turned on the correct subscriptions, enabled the App Notifications, and still believe the App is not working correctly, please call our IT Helpdesk on 9581 6000 or lodge a support ticket and we will see if we can trouble shoot for you.

Bradley Barr | Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

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