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Music News | Preparatory School

Musica Viva

Yesterday after an absence of two years we were thrilled to welcome back members of Timmy and the Breakfast Band as part of the Musica Viva in Schools Program to the Preparatory School.  Thanks to Trent, Gareth and Rachel for their inspiring performance, introducing the boys to various different instruments and their tone quality as well as unpacking the connection between mood, emotion, movement and music. Thanks to the students for their welcome, respect and engagement with the performance.

Year 3 Band Program

Today the boys involved in the Band Program were allocated their band instruments. Every effort was made to allocate boys their first or second preference, but this was driven by availability of instruments, group limits and providing a balance of instruments.  Thanks to the Summer Hill music staff who are coordinated by Mr Gergley Malyusz and to Mrs Palmer for the strings program. At any stage throughout the semester boys are welcome to enrol in the Private Tuition Program to further their music studies with the intention of joining Concert Band when recommended by their Instrumental Music Teacher.


Staff are in the process of formulating student numbers for the October AMEB practical examinations to see if we have the numbers for the exams to be held on site. Please speak with your son’s Instrumental Teacher asap as signed permission was due TODAY Friday 29th July.

Emily Sun Strings Masterclass

On Wednesday 31st August, Emily Sun will present a Strings Masterclass for all members of Corelli, Mozart, Beethoven String ensembles and Chamber Orchestra members in the Mozart Room from 3:15pm-4:30pm.  Emily is a past pupil MLC at Burwood and is an international performing and recording artist. She has performed with most of the leading Australian Orchestras and has a wide experience with European Orchestras and has also been the winner of a number of National and International Solo Competitions. We are very excited to welcome Emily to our School.

Grandparents Day Years 1 and 2

On Tuesday 9th August selected students will be performing before the Grandparents Day Chapel Service from 9:15am-9:30am in the Mozart Room.  Boys who have been nominated by their instrumental teacher please meet Mrs Campbell and Ms Welsh in the Mozart Room at 9am that morning.

Family Service

On Sunday 21st August Trinity Singers and Chapel Band will be involved in the Family Service at the War Memorial Chapel, Summer Hill. If you are able to assist with the choir gowns before and after the service, please email Mrs Campbell asap. Parental permission notes have been emailed from Campus Administration.

Save the Date ***** 

Monday 22nd August – Friday 26th August – 3:30pm-4:30pm selected performances during the Art Show Viewing times (further information to follow)

Wednesday 24th August – Primary Arts Festival Music Concert (Gym)

Tuesday 18th October – Royal School of Church Music Junior Schools Choral Festival (Trinity Singers – St Andrew’s Cathedral)

Mrs Geraldine Campbell | Director of Preparatory School Music

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