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Music News | Preparatory School


This week we welcomed Ms Robyn Grounds as our new flute teacher to replace Mr Oliver Stanton and Mrs Anna Cross to replace Ms Chan. Ms Grounds will be assisting in the Year 4 Band Program and Mrs Cross in the Year 1 and Year 2 Strings Programs. Both new staff members will be involved in the Private Tuition Program and we hope they enjoy their association with us at the Preparatory School.


Studio Concerts

This week we began our Semester 1 Studio Concert series in the Mozart Room. Thank you to the boys for their commitment to their Instrumental Music studies and for the quality of their performances. These events are important as they provide opportunity for growth and celebration. Thanks to the staff who have been able to attend.  My thanks to the Marcomms team and Summer Hill printing staff for designing and assisting with the printing of the programs. The Studio Concerts for next week are listed below:

Date Concert Time Teaching Studio
Monday 6th June 1:30pm-2:30pm Louise Welsh


Tuesday 7th June 11:45am-12:45am



Antonia Deasey


Stefano Rocco

Wednesday 8th June 3:30pm-4:30pm Amelia McCluney, Jenny Swanton
Friday 10th June 3:30pm-4:30pm Ludmila Palmer


The following changes will be made to the Strings rehearsals in Week 7 as a result of the strings concert on Wednesday afternoon.

  Beethoven Strings Corelli Strings Mozart Strings
Week 7 Cancelled As usual As usual


Gala Concert

Trinity Singers and members of the Summer Hill Symphony Orchestra have begun their combined rehearsals in preparation for the Gala Concert to be held on Thursday 16th June at the City Recital Hall. Yesterday Trinity Singers travelled to Summer Hill to rehearse with the Symphonic Wind Band and the Junior School Choir. Dr McGregor and Mr Kinda will join Trinity Singers on Monday at 7:30am for another rehearsal.


***Change to Music Co-curricular Rehearsals Term 3

As from Term 3 there will be a few changes to the Music Co-curricular Timetable:

Monday: 7:45am -8:25am Primary Choir (Beethoven Room) and Chapel Band (Mozart Room)

Wednesday: Trinity Singers ALL rehearsal 7:30am-8:25am (Mozart Room)


Discontinuing Instrumental Music Lessons

As we approach Week 7 and as per the Instrumental Music Brochure, four week’s term time notice is required to be given in writing to Mrs Campbell for your son to discontinue Instrumental Music Tuition in our Private Tuition Program. Please notify Mrs Campbell asap if this applies to you at


Parents attending Instrumental Lessons

A reminder that parents are not permitted to attend Instrumental Music Lessons or drop off instruments that have been forgotten on the day they are required. The aim is to teach the students to take responsibility, develop independence and be accountable for their equipment and learning. They have done a great job in the last two years, and we wish to continue their growth in these areas as well as limit parental movement throughout the Music Centre.


Mrs Geraldine Campbell | Director of Preparatory School Music

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