News from the Field Studies Centre

News from the Field Studies Centre

A significant aspect of the Field Studies Programme is the focus on reflection. Students spend time around the campfire most weeks debriefing their experience and reflecting on the journey they are undertaking. Each student is also issued with a journal which they use to record their experiences. Some of the students’ reflections from last weekend’s outdoor programme are below:

“Working as a team you can get things done faster” Enrico.

“Hang out with the right crowd and you can achieve anything” Alan.

“The more people that get involved, the more fun it is” Cameron.

“Things work better when everyone helps out” Matteo.

“I have learnt a lot more about Aboriginal culture and customs” Riley.

“I’m learning how to enjoy myself, even when things are hard” Gerald.

A diverse range of interests are catered for on the FSP. Student voice is valued and when we provide the boys with choice over important elements of the programme, it empowers them as young men and responsible decision-makers. In life we learn that some things are within our control and others outside. Our effort, our attitude and where we direct our energy are things that we can choose to control. The element of student agency built into the programme means that the experience on the FSP will be unique for each boy. The challenges will be unique, as is the background that each boy brings to our learning community.

The boys are all very much looking forward to family visiting day this Sunday. Special meals, experiences, quality time, hugs, time for catch ups and more are all on the agenda this weekend. For many of our families, Sunday will be their first visit to the Woollamia Campus and it will be a wonderful opportunity to showcase the boys’ experiences over the last five weeks.

Tim Knowles | Head of the Field Studies Centre (FSC)

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