News from the Field Studies Centre

News from the Field Studies Centre

The term-long Field Studies Programme is a powerful experience for the boys who undertake it. The structured programme of academic, outdoor and social-emotional learning challenges the students to grow, while ensuring that the necessary supports are in place where they are needed. At Trinity we believe that the Field Studies Programme forms a keystone experience in a boy’s journey through the Middle School. It is a place where memories are created, relationships strengthened, and lessons learnt that will stand the boys in great stead as they step into the senior years of high school and beyond.

The Outdoor Education Programme has moved into the next stage this week where the FSP #2 boys are increasingly challenged by longer hikes and other outdoor activities that require the pastoral groups to come together and work as a team. The rain added an extra element of challenge at times, but the boys showed resilience to push through and complete their activities and keep spirits high amongst the group.

While on the FSP we help the boys to uncover their character strengths and encourage them to develop their strengths and appreciate those of their peers. Academic field work commenced this week on Wednesday, with the boys venturing onto Jervis Bay during the afternoon on one of the local dolphin watch cruises. This provided the students with a unique opportunity to develop a deeper insight into the incredible natural wonder that is the Jervis Bay and Booderee National Park.

Parents and families are also encouraged to bookmark the Middle and Senior News and the Field Studies page on the School website and visit this space to receive regular updates from the Woollamia Campus.

Tim Knowles | Head of the Field Studies Centre (FSC)

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