Nurturing a love of learning – International Women’s Day 2022

Nurturing a love of learning – International Women’s Day 2022

Trinity Design and Technology teacher and Latham Housemaster, Nadia Nero, has always been passionate about design and architecture. However, after simultaneously studying Surveying and Teaching, a desire to foster a love of design in young people led her to a career in teaching and eventually, to a multifaceted career at Trinity.

Nadia Nero says that she has two full-time jobs – the first being a full-time mother, and the other being a Design and Technology teacher and Latham Housemaster at Trinity. However, the two roles intertwined in her journey to working at the School, with a chance meeting at an IB conference and a desire to find a new school for her son. 

“I was working for a girl’s school when I met the previous Head of Department at Trinity and we talked quite a bit. He kept talking about how wonderful the boys at Trinity are, and that resonated with me and left an impression,” Ms Nero said.

Six months later, her son was enrolled at Trinity and she kept in touch with the Head of Department as a result of the conference. After a few years had passed, the Head of Department called her about a job opening at the School and encouraged her to apply.

“I was the Head of Year 12 at the time and I said absolutely not. About a week later he called again, and that second call made me think. My son was really happy there, so I went to the interview and now here I am, working at Trinity.”

The move to Trinity was a big decision for Ms Nero, who stepped down from her senior role at Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College and moved to Trinity as a teacher. Since joining the School, she has progressed her career and followed her passion not only for learning, but also for pastoral care.

 “Trinity has given me a lot of opportunities. I’ve always known that I have a particular interest in pastoral care, but I thought it would be beneficial for me to step back from that and go back to a teaching role to see things from a different perspective,” Ms Nero said.

“I did that, and then had the opportunity to to step into an Acting Head of Department role and also stepped into the Curriculum Office, but I always knew that at heart, pastoral care was where I wanted to be.

“I stepped into an acting role as a Housemaster which then progressed into a permanent role which is where I’m at today. It’s a result of opportunities and support from Trinity to get back to where I’m better suited.”

This, Ms Nero says, is one of Trinity’s strengths. 

“Trinity definitely embraces curiosity and change. It’s such a progressive School and it’s allowed that curiosity, which I’ve enjoyed.” 

“Every boy is individual and the Head Master and staff guide students to grow in mind, body, and spirit. Everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

“We often relate achievement to HSC and IB credentials but for me, with design, it’s seeing a student create something or the expression on their face when they’ve 3D printed for the first time, or the excitement about making something and taking it home to show their parents. I think a lot of my achievements come from those experiences and I love that we celebrate everyone’s success.” 

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