News from the Field Studies Centre

News from the Field Studies Centre

Each week the Field Studies Student Leaders meet with the Head of the FSC and the Director of Campus Administration to discuss concerns they might have, ideas that they would like to bring forward and reflections on the week that has just passed. The insights that the boys bring to the management team at the FSC are incredibly valuable. The student lens often brings forward a perspective not considered by the adults who are charged with guiding the boys through their term long journey. Student voice is a valuable thing in a school and we truly model the FSP value of ‘unconditional positive regard’ when staff listen and take on board the boys’ feedback and help bring their ideas to fruition.

Reflections from our current crop of leaders from this week include:

“The hike was great his week. Even the long beach hike section was very good” Andrew.

“The hikes are a great bonding experience. You get to talk to different people as you walk and just start up a conversation with someone new” Patrick.

“I felt a sense of accomplishment as I finished the hike” Jacob.

“When we are off campus on the outdoor programme it builds a sense of community in our group” Aaron.

“I loved surfing and getting Domino’s pizza afterwards” Thomas.

“Getting to do a video call every two weeks with our parents is just right as it gives us something to look forward to” Ignatius.

“The staff know our limits and they push them” Lachlan.

“It was really fun to get off campus this week and grab some Domino’s” Ryan.

On the subject of student voice, Gerard who is a member of the Booderee pastoral group, has taken on the role of FSP student journalist. He even arrived at the Woollamia Campus prepared with his own typewriter! We can expect contributions to the Field Studies news feed from our intrepid writer in coming weeks. The wet weather has forced a few changes to the programme over the last week but has not dampened the spirits of the boys on FSP 1. When the going gets tough and the weather closes in, the boys have shown that they can push through their discomfort and achieve great things.

Tim Knowles | Head of the Field Studies Centre (FSC)

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