Students accepted into Syd Uni programme

Students accepted into Syd Uni programme

Aspiring Trinity scientists accepted into prestigious programme

Two Trinity students have won prized positions at Sydney University’s annual International Science School.

Alexander P (12Ta) and Elias C (12Mu) are among just 120 students from around Australia accepted into the programme in the winter term break.

Both have placed in the top two positions in their Science and Maths courses.

Apart from academic prowess, they also had to demonstrate an engagement in their Science subjects by explaining in an application what drives them, and how they see Science figuring in their future.

“The boys have done exceptionally well to be selected in this prestigious programme,” said Head of Science Tim Nurcombe.

“Past speakers have included James Watson, of DNA fame (the American molecular biologist co-authored a paper proposing the double helix structure of the DNA molecule) and (American astronomer and astrophysicist) Carl Sagan.

“Their applications and desire to pursue the sciences further at tertiary level allowed them to secure their spots.”

The science school, which will be conducted online for the first time this year, consists of a series of lectures, demonstrations and workshops for aspiring scientists.

“Each day you will be inspired by talks from world-renowned scientists, go on virtual tours of cutting-edge research facilities, and take part in mind-expanding hands-on workshops and activities,” the University said.

“We’ve designed a completely digital program to excite your enthusiasm, ignite your interest and cultivate your curiosity for science.”

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