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Library News | Preparatory School

Premier’s Reading Challenge

We are already halfway through the Premier’s Reading Challenge and all books must be logged by August 20th for students to complete the challenge to receive their Certificate.

All students were issued with their personal PRC login details on a sticker which is located at the front of your son’s record book.

Please click on this link to enter books: PRC Student Site

If you have any questions regarding the PRC please click on the link for the Challenge rules PRC Rules or contact me at

Phillip Gwynne – Author Visit

Last week the Primary students had an Author visit from Phillip Gwynne. Students gained an insight into how to write books & choose illustrators.

If you would like to order a signed copy of Phillip’s book, please click on the link: Phillip Gwynne’s book order form

David Legge Author

This week the Infants had an Illustrator visit from David Legge, the boys enjoyed watching David draw a panda with their help! He showed them how to draw and ways to help them start drawing their own characters and ideas.

To order books that David had illustrated please click the link: David Legge Illustrated books form

Mrs Bruscino | Library Services Specialist

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