The Cadet Unit is an Adventure Training and Leadership
activity that is undertaken in partnership with Meriden School,
where the girls attend weekly parades at Trinity.

Meriden is included in this activity to help normalise the experience of working together, cooperating and collaborating towards shared goals, as is the situation in after school life. The School utilises a relationship with the Australian Army to access a variety of different military training areas for its field phases activities.

During Cadets students will learn to lead and take responsibility for each other and learn to follow and respond to the leadership of students. The activity offers a wide variety of training to cater for many interests that includes signals, survival courses and first aid courses, navigation and officer training.

In Senior years, students can take courses in Leadership Training to prepare for various positions of responsibility within the unit. Specialist platoons cater to those boys who wish to continue to serve the Unit in a non-leadership capacity but remain within the activity.

Cadets News

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The day time stood still for one proud Trinitarian

Old brigade joins new for marching band’s 70th anniversary. Greg Allardice wound the clock back more than half a century, and for a moment time stood still. Drumsticks in hand, the spry 72-year-old was back on the quad where he first performed with the Trinity marching band in Junior School. This time he was playing [...]

TGSACU News: Marching and Packing for Bivouac

TGSACU – Marching and Packing for Bivouac With the sun shining after a dramatic hailstorm on Wednesday afternoon, the Cadet Unit converged on No. 1 Oval for our weekly parade, clearly focussed on two things – drill and preparation for our upcoming Recruit Bivouac. Following the established training programme, Alpha and Bravo Companies kept warm [...]

In praise of perseverance

Remembrance Day oration underscores the example of Jesus The value of perseverance has been highlighted at the annual Remembrance Day service in Trinity's War Memorial Chapel. Dr Julie Greenhalgh, delivering the main address, said that when she took over as Principal at sister school Meriden, she asked the outgoing Principal what she would need to [...]