Consistently moving towards improvement

Consistently moving towards improvement

As a recent addition to Trinity’s staff community as Communications Manager, Jen Neville is heading up the creation and execution of a comprehensive communications strategy for the School. 

For now, her main focus is on InSite, the School’s online communications platform designed to inform and engage the Trinity community, a task that she’s no stranger to, having successfully embedded a similar online communication platform into the fabric of a large independent school in Sydney’s northwest. 

Ms Neville’s extensive experience in stakeholder communication for the education sector has seen her working with a number of independent schools to determine best practice communication via platforms just like InSite, speaking at several National and State conferences on successful implementation. She is under no illusions that bringing a platform like InSite into the day-to-day life of a community is simple. 

“Embedding InSite into the Trinity community can be considered an exercise in change management,” she says. “It requires clear and consistent communication with all stakeholders and it requires identifying potential sources of resistance and addressing them through communication, training and support. 

“My role is exactly that – to work with and support our community through this period of change. Building strong and trusting relationships is key, and listening and being empathetic to the needs of our community allows me to create meaningful solutions.” 

For some, InSite is just another platform to try to understand, but Ms Neville knows that it’s key to ensuring the whole Trinity experience is an exceptional one. Before coming to Trinity, she was the Head of Marketing and Communications at her previous school and held a position on the Senior Leadership team – she knows what it takes to engage a community and provide exceptional experiences as an expression of the value placed on those within the Trinity community.  

Ms Neville is no stranger to Trinity’s reputation as a great school – it’s what drew her to the role in the first place. 

“I chose to work at Trinity because of its reputation for academic excellence, vibrant campus culture, and commitment to fostering a supportive learning environment. The strong sense of community at Trinity and its focus on providing a thoroughly Christian education aligns perfectly with my faith and love of our Saviour Jesus Christ.” 

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that her husband is an Old Boy of ‘87. 

“Trinity holds a very deeply valued place in Paul’s life story,” she says. “He is exceptionally proud to be a Trinitarian. His family built lifelong connections through his time at Trinity and the School provided a supportive and loving community for his family.” 

Now Ms Neville’s seeing the benefits of the tight-knit, welcoming Trinity community for herself, something she particularly saw throughout her onboarding experience at the beginning of Term 3, 2023. 

“It was wonderful to have an orientation day at the end of the holidays before I started. A lot of education institutions don’t onboard throughout the year. Given building relationships is key to my role, I found this day very helpful. 

“I don’t change jobs every week! This is the first time in 12 years I’ve started a new role, being supported and building connections from the beginning has made a huge difference.”

She notes that the onboarding process doesn’t stop there and she has found countless other things helpful as she settles in during what she describes as a “smooth and welcoming” transition. 

“Attending the All Staff morning briefings is an important time for all staff. Knowing that it’s okay to down tools for a moment and concentrate on building relationships has been a blessing.” 

Moving forward, Ms Neville is looking forward to the ways that InSite will continue to shape Trinity and help the community to embrace growth and change even more. 

“Research tells us that parent engagement in their children’s learning and in School life makes a difference and an engaged community often leads to increased support from parents, alumni, and the broader community. 

“I look forward to our community fully embracing InSite and understanding that by utilising its functionality to its full potential can lead to a well-informed and engaged community. InSite will be an ever-evolving platform, but the notion of continual improvement is highly valued and encouraged at Trinity.” 

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