Recognition goes a long way

Recognition goes a long way

Earlier this year, Ms Cecilia Bertoia was nominated for the 2023 Teacher Aide of the Year Awards. Up against 60+ other nominees, the competition was tough, filled with Teacher Aides from all over Australia who are doing great work in schools. 

Although Ms Bertoia didn’t head home with the big gong, she says that she’s almost glad she didn’t win, seeing the nomination as a huge achievement in itself. 

“I’m so much happier that my peers – in particular, Belinda Reid and Renee Culgan – nominated me,” she says. “Knowing that they value and appreciate the work I do at Trinity means so much more than the opinion of someone who has never met me or any award.” 

“Also, this award should be for all the Teacher Aides in Trinity Education Support Services (TESS) – Academic,” she adds. “We are all so different, with so much to offer. We work as a team with various, special qualities that suit different students’ needs and abilities.” 

She says that working in the TESS department has been extremely fulfilling over her time at Trinity. When she first came to Trinity, she recalls feeling slightly overwhelmed in the interview. 

“I’m not the most eloquent when under pressure – especially during a job interview … I talk way too much,” she says. “I’m just so happy that the Director of TESS at the time saw something in me during that interview.” 

Over her time at Trinity she’s been involved in plenty of Co-curricular activities, including RAW Sports, Lawn Bowls and Cadets and she notes that these experiences have been incredibly enriching for her. 

“It’s one of the reasons why Trinity is the best place to work. There are so many opportunities, whether you are teaching staff or support staff. The School camps are also great to get to know different staff members and students.” 

But, she says, everything she does comes back to the students – especially the boys in TESS – and every opportunity she takes is in the interest of making sure she’s in the best position to support them. 

“These students are always going to have to try harder than their peers. They have so many struggles daily, but they bring so much to Trinity,” she says. “I always tell my students that TESS is a safe place for them to come and talk to me, whether they’re in trouble or just having a bad day.” 

Her nomination for the 2023 Australian Teacher Aide of the Year Award is just another confirmation that she’s able to thrive at Trinity, just as much as the students she supports. 

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