News From the FSP | Final Expeditions

News From the FSP | Final Expeditions

During the Field Studies Program (FSP) six-day expeditions, the boys on FSP 3 hiked through some ruggedly beautiful parts of Morton National Park, stayed overnight in remote campsites, woke to amazing sunrises, and paddled meandering sections of the Shoalhaven River.

The natural environments that they may have been seen as strange, different and perhaps even frightening a few short weeks ago, are now a place of comfort for the boys. It is often said that it is on the edge of our comfort zone where the greatest growth occurs, provided that the right supports are in place when they are needed. Each boy has shifted their comfort zones with their peers, in terms of their independence, and while undertaking new activities, in new environments during the final weeks of the FSP.

As a school community we can be very proud of the way that each boy has taken on the challenge of the six day expeditions.


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