News From the Field Studies Centre | Leadership

News From the Field Studies Centre | Leadership

As the boys begin their term long journey on the Field Studies Programme (FSP), they are encouraged to first lead themselves well, then look for opportunities to lead others. Leading oneself well is very much about taking care of the things that you are responsible for and generally doing what needs to be done, even when you don’t really feel like it. Opportunities to lead oneself and others are a significant feature of the FSP. Every boy is encouraged to take on leadership at different stages of the outdoor education programme. Many of the adventurous activities stretch the boys comfort zones and when this happens, they naturally look to who is leading them for advice, support and direction. Most often, it will be one of their peers who will reach out a hand to help (figurative or literally), which is of great value both for the leader, and those being led.

Each of the four pastoral groups work with their tutors to nominate two representatives to take on the formal Field Studies Student Leadership roles each term. I am pleased to announce that the FSP leaders for Term 3 at Woollamia are:

  • Cambewarra: Ben W and Jonathan C
  • Bundarwa: Jaidan S and James H
  • Booderee: Hamish T and Brandon Z
  • Cullunghutti: Noah F and Dylan B

During my first lunch time meeting with the new cohort of FSP leaders, each of the boys were given the opportunity to share some thoughts about stepping into their new role.

Ben W – I am looking forward to helping my group members during the hikes and outdoor activities.

Jaidan S – I want to help others to have a good time while on the FSP.

Noah F – I am keen to help make positive change while on the FSP.

Dylan B – I’m looking forward to developing leadership skills and helping my group be its best.

James H – I’m looking forward to helping others overcome challenges and step outside of their comfort zones.

Jonathan C – I’m looking forward to helping others and developing my leadership skills.

Hamish T – I look forward to growing leadership skills and helping my group out wherever I can.

Brandon Z – I’m looking forward to helping to assign roles within my group and assisting others with these roles.

The FSP staff and I are very much looking forward to working alongside this group of young men during Term 3.

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