Embracing every opportunity at Trinity

Embracing every opportunity at Trinity

Ms Chloe Martin’s journey at Trinity started when she was still studying at Macquarie University. With dreams of being a teacher, she took up a role as a Teacher’s Aide at Trinity and she’s been here ever since. 

As her degree came to an end, she knew it was time to start looking for full-time teaching roles, but her gut told her she needed to stay at Trinity. When a role became available at the School, she jumped at the chance to apply and was successful.  

“I wanted to stay at Trinity as I enjoy being a part of this community and I had already developed great relationships with the students, their families and the staff,” she says, remembering her early days at the School. “I felt so proud that I had started as a full time Support Staff member, worked a separate part-time job and studied full time and then I had been offered the opportunity to be a Classroom Teacher with some amazing educators that had supported me over the ten years before that.” 

Since accepting the role, Ms Martin has had some incredible opportunities at Trinity. From the smaller, everyday events like organising Mother’s Day morning teas, Grandparents’ Day, All Together Day and more, to travelling overseas with the 2016 Year 5 and 6 China Tour, each one has afforded her the opportunity to get to know students better and take on different levels of responsibility. 

Ms Martin also cites Trinity’s Professional Development landscape as one that has given her new tools and skills to use in the classroom on a regular basis. For her, this has included leading and being a part of Professional Learning Teams (PLTs), getting involved with Inspire Innovation Apple Training and engaging with professional development sessions on everything from Concept-Based Learning and Making the PYP Happen, to Teaching Writing and Harvard Coaching – Improving Math Instruction Through Feedback. 

Throughout her time at Trinity, she has also had the chance to take on different leadership roles as an Infants Coordinator and Stage Two Teaching and Learning Leader. 

Now, Ms Martin is enjoying being a Year Four Classroom Teacher and Stage Two Leader, and all the variety her role brings to her days. She also is involved in the Touch Football Co-curricular programme.

“As Touch Football is only offered to Years 5 and 6 students, I have found this to be a great way to stay in touch with the boys I have taught in previous years and I am able to catch up with them and their families in a less formal setting,” she says. “I enjoy watching the boys mature and grow in sportsmanship and skill as I coach them across the two years. I also get the benefits of working outside of the classroom with other colleagues that have great expertise in their sport.” 

Ms Martin has one eye on the future, looking forward to what Term 3 in 2023 will bring her. 

“Since moving to Year 4 from 7 years as Kindergarten Teacher, I’ve been getting to know the Stage Two Syllabus and Units of Inquiry.

“I’m looking forward to taking on the role of Acting Curriculum Coordinator as our current Coordinator will be on Long Service Leave. It will give me many opportunities with team teaching across different grades, job sharing my current Year 4 class, working with the staff, students, and some parents through the PYP Evaluation process.” 

Each year that Ms Martin spends at Trinity has only grown her appreciation for the things that drew her to the School in the first place – a great community of supportive staff, engaged students and wonderful families. 

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