Field Studies Centre | Term 3 Update

Field Studies Centre | Term 3 Update

The Year 9 Field Studies Programme (FSP) aims to challenge students to step out of their comfort zone and discover capabilities that they may not have realised that they had. The FSP offers a breadth of opportunities which ensures that every boy has countless opportunities to try new things and experience success. Small wins are important as they have been shown to have a cumulative effect in terms of strengthening self-efficacy and building self-esteem, two key intentions of the programme.

The adventures continue this term at Woollamia, as the third cohort of 2023 engage in their much-anticipated residential experience. The school’s 110-acre property provides a home away from home for the boys for the term and a place where a strong sense of community can be built. It is often said that the quality of your life can be measured by the quality of your relationships. While on the FSP the boys are encouraged to prioritise relationships, as this helps the community to function at its best. The opportunity to learn more about others and walk along side them (both literally and figuratively!) during the term, consistently leads to the strengthening of existing peer relationships, and the formation of new ones.

The boys have now engaged in each of their academic classes, participated in their first camp outs, and explored a range of outdoor activities including orienteering, hiking, rock climbing, abseiling, mountain biking and canoeing this term. The adventures will continue in the weeks to come as the boys extend themselves and take on new challenges. Cocurricular activities have also begun with a wide range of activities facilitated by the staff including mixed sports, Lego, chess, art, surf safety, and the paddock to plate group who take responsibility for caring for the resident chickens. The programme provides each boy with opportunities to pursue new interests and learn new things. Each boy is encouraged to maintain a sense of curiosity and approach the learning experiences with an open mind. Research tells us that many boys learn by doing and experiencing the world around them. The FSP is filled with ‘hands on’ learning experiences that immerse the boys in rich and novel experiences that broaden their perspective as learners.

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