Renewal Project: July Lookahead 

Renewal Project: July Lookahead 

While students and staff have been enjoying the School holidays, the Renewal Project has been moving ahead, with plenty of action on site and more to come.

Stage 1 – Seaview Street Maintenance Building

The structure of the Maintenance Building is now completed, with the internal fit out and decorations nearing completion. The Maintenance driveway and link road to the Junior School Link has begun over the past week and is expected to be completed over the next four weeks.

The new in-ground on-site stormwater detention (OSD) tank has been built, and has the capacity to contain 216,000 litres of water for future irrigation use.

Stage 1 – Ceremonial Access

The Ceremonial Access is now in the final stages of completion with the new water feature structure, trees and soft landscaping works currently being installed.

Stage 2 – Oval No. 3 and New Carpark

The new carpark structure has now been completed. The structure contains 359,640 metres of reinforcement (or 580 tonnes) and 52,624 cubic metres of concrete which was put in place using 6,578 concrete trucks and 14 x concrete boom pumps. It took 1,584 man hours for placement.

The top of the carpark is now being prepared and waterproofed, ready to receive the new oval soil, irrigation lines and water heads before being overlaid with Santa Ana Grass

Inside the carpark structure, the essential services (fire, mechanical, lighting) have progressed significantly over the last two months and are moving forward at a steady pace.

The carpark also contains two water-holding structures, one fire service (which holds 65,000 litres of water) and another new OSD tank (which contains 903,000 litres of water), which will be used to irrigate Ovals 1 and 3.

Stage 2 – Jubilee Driveway

The new driveway access road into Carpark 2 has been in operation for the past three months. More recently, construction on the two new pedestrian footpaths (north and south) has been taking place. These footpaths will allow ease of movement to and from Victoria Street onto the Trinity campus. At the eastern end of this driveway, an elevated structure is under construction which will house six new rows of polished concrete seating bleachers and two access stairs facing the new Oval No. 3. It will also be home to four Eucalyptus Victrix ‘Snow Queen’ trees and twelve Anigozanthos ‘Pink Beauty’ ‘Kangaroo Paws’ in specially created planter boxes.

Stage 2 – Junior School Link Access

All structural design and considerations have now been finalised for the Junior School Link. The area is now progressing well and the new link driveway is being poured in the coming days. The old metal ceiling is being removed and upgraded, with the new ceiling being installed over the next month.

Public Domain works

The Inner West Council requirement to improve external public domain footpaths, grass verges, road crossing and lighting commenced earlier this year and will be completed over the next month.

Questions or concerns? Contact Scott Swann, Director of Major Projects, Trinity Grammar School via the contact form on our website found here.

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