Continual growth is on the agenda

Continual growth is on the agenda

Ms Nadia Nero starts her days with a 5km run before breakfast and heading out the door to arrive on the Trinity campus by 7:30am. This morning routine alone puts plenty of people to shame, but it’s indicative of the way Ms Nero pushes herself, striving to be better in all aspects of life.

On the surface, it might seem as though her two current roles –Technical and Applied Studies (TAS) Teacher, as well as the Latham Senior School Housemaster – don’t have much crossover, but both roles have a strong culture of learning and growth woven throughout. 

Starting her career with seven years at a different boys’ school, Ms Nero followed it up with 14 years at an independent girls’ school. Before coming to Trinity, she was the Head of Year 12, responsible for the wellbeing of 240 girls – no small task. Ready for a challenge of a different kind, she decided to step down and head to Trinity. 

“Coming to Trinity was an easy decision. It’s a well-established School and the TAS faculty has a reputation as a forward thinking, change making and well-resourced faculty,” she says. 

After embracing acting roles in Academic Administration and as the Acting Head of TAS Faculty, Ms Nero found she was ready for a new challenge, so she decided to revisit some pastoral roles. Since then, she’s had roles as the Senior School Housemaster (a role she still holds for the Latham House), Acting Deputy of the Middle School (Term 4, 2022),  and Acting Head of the Middle School (Term 1, 2023). 

She enjoyed the additional responsibilities of these pastoral roles, fostering a culture of learning and growth of mind, body, and spirit, as well as the opportunities to embrace change and navigate challenges. 

“Trinity is a large, professional organisation with opportunities that constantly arise,” she says. “Members of the Executive lead by example. I love the fact that there are so many opportunities and you are encouraged by a wonderful supportive peer group.”

Getting to know the students is a huge part of Ms Nero’s role – and the roles she’s taken in the past – and she takes every opportunity to make herself available to them so they feel comfortable coming to her for a chat or any questions they might have. She’s even gone so far as to join the Chess Club Co-curricular. 

“I’m probably the only staff member in the Chess Club that doesn’t know how to play,” she says. “I was inspired by the show ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ but the fact that there is more than one move became quickly apparent.” 

Now, she uses the time in Chess Club to build those relationships with the boys and be thoroughly astonished by their skill in the game. 

As for what’s next, Ms Nero says that her driving force is always self-improvement. 

“I’ve always enjoyed challenging myself. I’m committed to my own personal and professional development,” she says. “My recent Acting roles further cemented my passion and interest in a more senior pastoral role.” 

As she considers further studies and different roles she might be able to take, she knows that Trinity will support her, but she equally recognises that the drive has to come from within. 

“It needs to be a personal discovery or journey first. Once you’ve identified your motivation, level of resilience, and emotional intelligence and you’ve identified where you are in your career and where you want to be, Trinity supports you in getting there. 

“I think this support is best seen through the daily formal and informal interactions of staff and the encouragement the staff give one another.

“Most of all, the staff care for the students and each other, and watching their progress and achievement can be incredibly rewarding – that’s why people stay at Trinity.” 

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