Building on past experience

Building on past experience

Since the beginning of 2022, Mr Matthew Miller has been the Head of History at Trinity, but this role is the result of a commitment to growth over the decade he’s been at Trinity. 

Starting out as a Trainee Chaplain in 2013, Matthew was fresh out of university and still unsure of the direction he wanted his career to take. He threw himself into the role for 18 months, being mentored by his colleagues at Trinity, collaborating and learning from them. 

During this time, the idea of teaching at a school drew him in, so he took up a position as a full time History teacher. Since then, he’s had the experience of roles within the Boarding House, as a Middle School Housemaster of School House, a Stage 4 & 5 History Coordinator, and now, Head of History. 

While each of his roles have given him new skills and experiences, there’s one role that he sees as incredibly important in his career trajectory. 

“I’d say that working at the Boarding House was the most formative time in my career, because of the amount of time I spent with colleagues and students,” Matthew says. “I got to know my colleagues really well so I could learn from them and how they operate. I also got to know students really well and enjoyed helping them grow into young men. It was a great privilege to be a part of their lives in that respect.

“I felt the weightiness of education during my time in the Boarding House, and I came to understand how much teachers go above and beyond.” 

In particular, Matthew feels that his step into Housemaster was far smoother due to his time in the Boarding House. 

“I felt like I was equipped to take on the Housemaster role because of that experience. I had learnt so much about how to support students through overcoming personal and academic challenges, working together with parents, and about teaching boys the importance of organisation and commitment.” 

As a Housemaster, Matthew delighted in seeing a cohort through from Year 7 to graduation, and enjoyed reminiscing with students and parents alike. 

“Working as a Housemaster taught me that, for my own sanity, I need to be well organised. I grew so much in my ability to meet different commitments in changing circumstances.” 

Now, as Matthew tackles the role of Head of History, he’s facing new professional opportunities in leading and supporting a team of staff, helping them to achieve their goals as a faculty and providing a fulfilling experience to every student who chooses to study History.

Throughout each of the roles he’s taken on, Matthew has found two things extremely instrumental in his own growth. 

“The first is how willing my colleagues at Trinity are to go on the journey with me and support me,” he says. “They’re willing to help and I’m willing to let them help me, to ask for that advice. It’s all the informal conversations, watching how things are done and asking questions.

“The second is that Trinity offers a huge breadth of experience. Whether it’s teaching different year groups, getting involved with Co-curricular groups and sporting activities, or meeting people in different faculties through the House System and PLTs.” 

No matter the role, Matthew cites Trinity’s purpose and mission as the glue that ties it all together. 

“Trinity has a real sense of purpose and direction. It seeks to give the boys the best opportunity to flourish. We’re in it to give the boys the best possible start in life.” 

Matthew’s excited for what 2023 has in store for the History faculty as they look to launch “many new initiatives”. From Year 8 incursions with Macquarie University, to sharpening Year 9’s inquiry skills through new innovations, there’s plenty to look forward to! 


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