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Library News | Junior School

Year 1 Picture Book Reviews

Lachlan liked the picture book Grandad’s Island by Benji Davies. He thought it was a good book for boys in Year One. “It was about a boy called Syd who went to his Grandad’s house and found a key under the flower pot. His Grandad told Sid to go up a ladder and out a door and they went on an adventure together. This book would be good for boys in Kindy, Year 1 and Year 2.”

Christian enjoyed reading Dry to Dry; the Seasons of Kakadu by Pamela Freeman. “It is a good book as it tells you about all these things that are happening in Kakadu, like it is really wet and then really dry. It is an information story and all the pictures relate to the words. There are really nice pictures. It is a good book for boys in Kindy, Year 1 and all the way through to Year 4. I give this book four stars as it does a good job explaining the two seasons. The riverbank is dry in the dry season and it is wet in the wet season, and it might thunder.”

Waseem enjoyed reading Out by Angela May George. “There was a little girl and she was lonely and she didn’t have any friends at school. She went in a boat and it was raining and it felt like a really long trip. The little girl was escaping from her country as she was not safe. Her mum tried to make her happy. It ended well though.”

Kindergarten in the Library

Planning for an imaginary camping trip, Kindergarten students were asked to think about what they might take, where they could go, what they might do, and how they would they get there. We then read Sally Sutton’s book When We Go Camping and discussed these ideas. We also watched a family who went camping in a motor home in America and how they planned for their trip.

Year 4 in the Library

Year 4’s line of inquiry was Sharing culture through creative expression. During our Library lesson we looked at how Indigenous author Gregg Dreise demonstrated how he shares his culture through his books My Culture and Me; and Hello and Welcome. The boys then broke up into groups to look at how Dreise used pictures and words to express the Indigenous culture in his books Kookoo Kookaburra; Cunning Crow; Silly Birds; Mad Magpie; and Awesome Emu.

Summer Reading Challenge

Log your Summer reading and earn points for your House over the holidays. Extra house points will be added for the first four places. 20 points 1st place, 15 points 2nd, 10 points 3rd and 5 points for 4th

Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian.

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