Basketball | CAS Round 2 versus Barker

Basketball | CAS Round 2 versus Barker

“Trinity jumped early and couldn’t quite recover in tough home loss.”


1st V

The Firsts were chasing their tail all game against a Barker team that had height, speed and athleticism in their 10-point loss. Barker attacked the paint with purpose to take a double-digit lead at the end of the opening quarter (11-22). Liam Isaako (10WJ) and Jesse Edwards (10WH) came out strong in the second period to score Trinity’s first 12 points, but defensively the Greens kept breaking down and allowing Barker to keep their momentum. A big corner ‘3’ just on half-time by Ollie Smith (11Ar) looked to have Trinity going to break with their heads up, but Barker came down and drilled a ‘3’ themselves to keep the margin out to 11 points at the break (28-39).

Myles Buvac (9WJ) led a Trinity revival in the second half, dropping 19 points with Jesse Edwards also a key presence with nine points for the quarter. The Firsts were almost back in the contest to be just seven points down at end of third period (48-55). Ollie Orr (10Ho) nailed a ‘3’ to begin the final period as Trinity looked to make a run, but once again defensive lapses allow Barker to keep that margin around the double-digit mark. Every time Trinity looked to make a run and get the momentum from Barker by cutting the lead to 5 or 6 points the boys didn’t execute on the defensive end. In the end Barker were deserved winners 81-71 and making it their first victory over Trinity since November in 2018.

1st V CAS Round 2 Highlights vs Barker

Leading Statistics

Jesse Edwards – 23 pts. 5 rebs.

Myles Buvac – 20 pts. 6 rebs. 4 stls.

Liam Isaako – 11 pts. 6 rebs.


2nd V

The Seconds were fired up to perform well in their first home game. After a solid week of preparation, the Greens got out to a great start on the defensive end. Captain Sam Payne (11WJ) set the tone early by getting into the heart of the Barker defence. Trinity held Barker to just two points in the opening quarter on the back of some good defence to take a 10-point lead early. The second period wasn’t quite as smooth, as Barker’s pressure forced Trinity to turn the ball over. Jamison Urch (10WH) off the bench hit another pair of three pointers to give Trinity the momentum and William Constanti (10La) was strong inside the paint grabbing key rebounds and picking up some baskets to maintain the advantage at halftime (19-8).

In the second half, Trinity were able to push the lead out further with Peter Tanevski (10WH) and Noah De Barros (11Ke) picking up early baskets. Dennis Petrides (11Yo) nailed a big ‘3’ and found teammates with some zippy passes, as well as forcing some steals. Callum Campbell (10We) made the most of his opportunity and Kyle Tran (11WH) scored the final basket of the match to see Trinity win by 22 points (44-22) and start the season with back-to back victories.

2nd V CAS Round 2 Highlights vs Barker


Leading Scorers

Sam Payne – 7 pts. 6 rebs. 4 stls.

Will Constanti – 6 pts. 8 rebs.

Peter Tanevski – 8 pts.


3rd V

Paris Karakikes (11He), Jayden Leung (11Hi) and Christian Henriques (10He) combined in a scoring blitz to put on a combined 40 points of our 50 total which allowed the rest of the team to really drill down on their positional play and execute our game plays confidently. Whilst our team offensive plays were executed well, Jackson Greck (11Fo) was able to find clear space under the basket and was able to distribute to any player that was open. These are really good signs for the future development of this team.


4th V

Individual team members started to look like a team against our opponents Barker. Most boys hit their positions on the court at the right time and grew in confidence as they were able to finish their layups and outside shots. Peter Georgelos (11WH) and Vishvan Ramsey (10WH) shot the lights out with half the points coming from these two players. Brendan Geddes (10Mu) demonstrated a much better understanding in his role as point guard which allowed the team to capitalise on the fluid motion in our transition. The Greens will look to use this game to continue to build on their knowledge of team structures and concepts.


5th V

What a difference one week makes with Barker feeling the power of the fighting Fifths on their home court. With only seven players available, Trinity showed determination, skill and focus and adhered to the team new mantra: “next play”. Cody Lambert (11He) and Ryan Mahoney (10Sc) combined for 22 points were scoring threats throughout the game, with Ty Garaci (11Ho) controlling the play, setting up offence and our organising the defensive unit. Gabriel Simoes Peixeiro (11Sc), Adrian Ong (11St) and Henry Nabavi-Tabrizi (11St) are to be congratulated for their busy steals, setting up plays and basketing effectively. Nicolas Katsiris (11Ta) gave 100% at both ends of the court as the Greens amassed a commanding 31-point victory.


6th V

Once again Trinity raided the opposition early with Barker struggling to get any rhythm due to the Sixths wave of defensive pressure. Chase Quach (10Du) broke the scoreboard on his way to game high 24 points. Joel Maher (11Ta) played brilliantly in copen court mixing creativity with skill and vision. Kelvin Kong (11Ar) and Emile Harb (11Sc) led the team with great purpose through their nonstop hustle. Ryan Lu (10Sc), Ryan De Dominicis (11Fo) and Cameron Van Der Groot (10We) proving strong off the boards and in the paint to see this group start the season with back-to-back wins.


7th V

In their first home game for the season, the Sevenths came out firing taking a strong lead in the earlier stages which led to a bigger lead at halftime. Trinity was marshalled well by Beier Chen (11Yo) and Brandon Lieu (11Ho), who set the platform both offensively and defensively in aiding the team structure and discipline. After a mini fightback by Barker, Trinity gained the ascendancy again with some fantastic team play and exciting basketball led by Rowan O’Connor (11Mu) and Sam Eastwood (10He) to take the match by a resounding 20 points.


8th V

Continuing the recent good form, the Eighths won again with convincing performance (41-30). The Green settled into a nice early rhythm lead by the athleticism of both Joseph Cantlon (11St) and Josh Boursiani-Lawrence (11We) to be well ahead at the break. The second half saw Trinity dominate again with excellent quick team play and solid rebounding, which saw Alfred Han (10St) lead the scoring with 11points and William Wang (10La) physical presence proving too much for Barker.


Year 10A

The 10A’s put forward an impressive team win despite missing numerous key players. Going into Saturday, the boys knew it was going to be a difficult game not only because of Barker’s talent but also because injuries and field studies have taken many players out. Knowing this the Trinity rallied around together lead by Adam Tennant (Ta) who used his craftiness to get around the Barker defence and finish at the rim. Will Kokotovich (We) used his athleticism throughout the game, blocking shots and finishing under the basket. Callum Padman (Hi) hit a big three in the first half to give the 10As a strong start and kept that momentum in the second with his intense defence. As the game was coming to the end and Barker was desperately trying to catch up, but Noah Ming (Yo) used his patience and intelligence to slow the game and get his teammates good shots to keep our lead and secure an inspiring victory.


Year 10B

10B’s just fell short in a nail-biting loss to Barker. Going into the game, Barker definitely had the height advantage and they used it early, getting to an 11-point lead in the first half. Trinity knew they would have to give it all they had if they were to stand a chance. Vasili Armenis (He) led the comeback, getting steals and scoring 8 straight points in the second half, as the Greens kept closing the gap. Jared Kong (La) gave Trinity the lead getting layups and necessary defensive rebounds. Dimitri Armenis (He) used his physicality to disrupt the Barker bigs late in the game but unfortunately this tremendous late effort by the 10Bs wasn’t enough to comeback going down by 3 points.


Year 10C

Trinity were impressive with their unity and resilience as they were down the whole game, only to fight back and take the lead in the final minutes. Great leadership by Luke Niulala (St) and Aaron Soosay (La) who kept the 10Cs believing they could come back to win, which they did by 7 points.


Year 10G

The team started off the game with ferocious defence and were able to keep Barker to only 2 points for a quarter of the game. The team welcomed back Toby Chan (Fo) who scored 3 baskets in a span of 8 minutes. The team continued to play strict man to man defence especially from Michael Kordian (Hi) and solid rebounding from Ben Ugov (He) helped Trinity obtain a 7-point lead at half-time. However, Barker had an abundance of substitutions and eventually Trinity ran out of energy and struggled to keep up towards the end of the game. Barker eventually winning the match by 5 points.


Year 10H

Trinity came into the game against Barker confident with two wins on the trot. It was a tight game throughout the match with multiple lead changes. Unfortunately, poor defence from Trinity allowed Barker numerous opportunities to score baskets. Louis Lusty (Sc) was able to score 6 points on the day but it wasn’t enough with Barker edging Trinity and winning the game by 2 points.


Year 9A

With Barker presenting a smaller line-up, Trinity took full advantage with their size through Cody Ramanauskas (Ke), Brooklyn Virgo (La) and Christian Gregory (WH) controlling both sides of the court in what an impressive outing from the 9As was. Trinity ran away with the game winning by 17 points and great leadership shown by Angus Mansfield (Ke) and Bailey Herden (He) who had the team ready to play from the jump ball.


Year 9B

Trinity were minus some key guards and it was a close game from beginning to end. The 9Bs defence kept them in the game as they headed to the break only up a point (14-13). The second half saw the Greens bigs Mathew Nada (Sc) and Zac Tashtan (Ke) making crucial layups and defensive stops when needed. David Sukkar (Ta) was also impressive as Trinity were able to hold on and take a narrow 4-point win.


Year 9C

While adjusting to a physical play style brought by Barker the boys had trouble finding consistent scores throughout the game. Rallying late behind the heroics of Tommy Luu (Ar) and a clutch ‘3’ by Ruben Lim (WJ) the boys were almost able to steal the win in the final second, unfortunately Barker held on. Christian Marzullo (WJ) also played great defence on the Barker big who held a large size advantage, forcing misses and grabbing boards.


Year 9G

It was an early display of dominance by the 9Gs in offensive and defensive rebounds which gave Trinity a commanding 10-point lead in the opening period of the game. Great effort from centre pairing Adam Ding (St) and Leo Taylor (Fo) combining for 24 out of the 35 points scored. Special mention to Hussien Zein (He) for a great performance offensively and defensively.


Year 9I

The 9Is put up a dominant performance over Barker, winning by 22 points. The boys came out strong with Max Tyson (St) scoring 6 straight points to give Trinity the early lead. Cyrus Chan (Du) was active throughout the game getting scores and stops on the defensive end encouraging his teammates. Evan Du (Ke) helped Trinity finish the game strong using his energy to get rebounds and run the floor. Overall, the 9Is came together and delivered an impressive performance to secure the win.


Year 8A

Trinity pushed right to their limits as they held on for a thrilling 5-point victory. Early in the game both teams jostled for control, though the Greens emerged to take a slim but deserving 7-point lead at halftime. In his first game back from injury, Charlie Ward (Du) provided a crucial spark contributing 7 points off the bench, and some brilliant individual defensive efforts. Trinity’s lead quickly evaporated due to poor shot selection enabling Barker to level the scores. Though defensive efforts by Charlie Earthrowl (Yo) and Alex Hu (WH), prevented Barker from gaining any significant lead. This enabled a determined Zeke Kho (Ar) to ensure Trinity would be the victors, as he took several big hits, though this did not deter him as he sank five crucial foul shots in the final minute.


Year 8B

It was an emphatic start from the 8Bs as they ran out to a commanding double-digit lead. Callum Charnock (We) was sensational, and by far the ‘MVP’, as he dominated every facet of the game. Though all the boys showed grit and determination defensively, this was instigated by the guards Isaac Ali (He) and William Sheldrick (We) who were persistent in their effort. Louis Zizikas (WH) must also be commended for his performance most notably offensively finishing aggressively around the rim. Due to the Greens defensive prowess and offensive efficiency they were able to emerge with an 11-point victory.


Year 8C

After a close first half, the 8Cs turned up the defensive pressure, using a full-court press to force Barker into successive turnovers which led to a spirited 13-point win. Callum Evans (Fo) and Ben Gerges (WH) gave the team valuable contributions off the bench, with both boys hustling hard and reading the play well. Oscar Yan (Du) hit a couple of big shots to give Trinity the lead, whilst Ryan Kim (Ar) was the player of the match, dominating on both ends of the court on his way to a game-high 13 points.


Year 8D

Despite missing a number of key players due to illness and injury, the Trinity competed hard and were unlucky to lose to Barker by just 4 points. Kyle Jiang (Sc) gave the team a reliable inside presence, using superior footwork and natural athleticism to get past bigger defenders. Hot shooting from Ryan Wang (Sc) and aggressive playmaking from Denny So (Ta) kept the team’s hopes alive in the second half, but ultimately a lack of finishing allowed Barker to prevail.


Year 8G

“The best offence is a good defense” was the motto of the 8Gs this week. Guards Johnny Nicholas (WJ) and Matthew Yang (WJ) locked up Barker in their half resulting in numerous steals and easy layup. Adam Kassem (WH) took over in the second half with multiple interceptions and fast breaks to secure the win.


Year 8H

In a low scoring game, the 8Hs came into the second half with an even with Barker and a height disadvantage. Trinity fought back with Morris Buckle (Ke) and Marc Licenblat (Du) leading the way with some good baskets including a huge three-pointer. Excellent defense from the boys kept Barker to only two points in the second half and Kamile Abwi (La) closed out the game with an impressive three-point play for a rewarding victory.


Year 8I

Trinity led for most of the game until an attacking Barker took the lead in the closing minutes of the second half. It was a nail-biting finish right up to the last few seconds when Jack Cooper (Hi) brought Trinity in front by 1 point closing the match 26-25.  Well done to all the players for a very entertaining game of basketball.


Year 8J

Game 2 of the CAS 2022/2023 Season saw Trinity lead Barker for the duration of the game and finished with a strong 40-6 win.  Luca Scamarcia (La) finished with 18 points, Joshua Quibell (WJ) 8, with Thomas Joannou (Du), Charlie Yao (Yo), Jack Wong (Du), Xander Vaccarella (La), Andrew Lin (WJ) and Ryan Vu (Ho) all contributing to the final score.  Well done to Oscar Heralt (WJ), Xavier Rinaudo (Ar), Samuel Wang (Sc) and Gabriel Eskaroos (Fo) for supporting their team and enabling this great result.


Ben Morrissey | Director of Basketball

CAS rnd. 2 versus Barker
Team Scores Team Scores
1sts 71-81 L 9A 33-16 W
2nds 44-22 W 9B 34-30 W
3rds 54-38 W 9C 20-23 L
4ths 50-29 W 9D 27-34 L
5ths 58-27 W 9E 23-38 L
6ths 57-23 W 9F 18-40 L
7ths 46-26 W 9G 35-22 W
8ths 41-30 W 9H 16-22 L
9ths 4-34 L 9I 27-5 W
10ths 16-29 L 9J vs vs. Newington G 2-48 L
11ths 8-31 L 8A 35-30 W
12ths 18-27 L 8B 26-15 W
10A 42-34 W 8C 39-26 W
10B 31-34 L 8D 20-24 L
10C 27-20 W 8E 16-26 L
10D 20-33 L 8F 15-39 L
10E 25-49 L 8G 31-20 W
10F 15-50 L 8H 18-10 W
10G 27-32 L 8I 26-25 W
10H 22-24 L 8J 40-6 W


20 Wins, 20 Losses, 0 Draw

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