Ten Trinity staff recognised on World Teachers Day

Ten Trinity staff recognised on World Teachers Day

Ten Trinity teachers have been honoured for their outstanding contributions in the World Teachers Day Awards.

They include three heads of faculty – Norma Kamhieh (English), Edward Habkouk (Mathematics) and Brendan Duhigg (Drama) – as well as Alison Boyd Boland (Director of Professional Practice), Senior school teacher David Latimer, and Secondary languages teachers Sabine Wieczorek, Phyllis Bookluck, Jessica Spratt, Andreas Mickler, and Daphne Kao.

Tom Mae, Trinity’s Head of Professional Standards, said the group honoured this year was “notably large” by usual standards, and reflected the importance Trinity placed on languages in a multicultural society.

It also reflected the quality and experience of teaching at Trinity.

“Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that most schools prepare for one curriculum, whereas we prepare for two, the HSC and the International Baccalaureate,” he said.

“We achieve what we do because of the professionalism and camaraderie of our leaders and teachers.

“At a time when just 18 per cent of teachers go through to retirement, and the average time spent in teaching is four-six years, we are blessed to have an experienced cohort of teachers. This is a remarkable school.”

The awards were presented on Friday night at a Teachers’ Guild of NSW function at the William Inglis Hotel at Warwick Farm.

The Guild said the awards honoured teachers who had made a “wonderful” contribution to their school in advancing the education profession.

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