TGSACU | CAS MilSkills Report

TGSACU | CAS MilSkills Report

Early last Saturday morning, a small number of Cadets gathered at Trinity to travel to Scheyville National Park for the 2022 CAS Military Skills Competition.

The CAS Military Skills Competition, more commonly known as MilSkills, is an annual event which brings together small groups of skilled cadets from each of the CAS Cadet Units to participate in a field exercise competition. The last competition was held in 2019 in which Trinity was crowned champions, and following a two-year hiatus thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, the team was determined to bring the trophy back with us on Saturday afternoon.

Whilst the MilSkills event is an official CAS Championship event, all Cadet Units involved have come to realise the importance of a friendly competition, as it enables Cadets to learn and acquire a number of invaluable skills. Furthermore, the event also provides an opportunity for each Unit to learn effective strategies used by others when it comes to field activities, which can then be implemented into our own Bivouacs or Annual Field Exercises.

The competition is split into five activities which cover essential skills for Cadets in the field. These include First Aid, Navigation, RATEL and Communications, Leadership and Initiatives, and Fieldcraft. Each CAS Unit organises an activity for one of these areas, and each team is awarded points based on their performance.

Our cadets performed very well across all these activities, especially in Navigation where we were the only team to complete the course without the need for re-direction. Unfortunately though, this was not enough and we did not retain the trophy. Our congratulations to the Waverley Cadet Unit who won the CAS MilSkills Competition this year.

We received very encouraging feedback on our conduct and teamwork, a testament to how well we are able to connect and unite as a Unit. This is an aspect of Cadets which is difficult when working across two separate campuses, and hearing such positive feedback was extremely exciting to hear for the future.

On behalf of the Unit, I would like to thank our OC CAPT(AAC) Draysey, MAJ(AAC) Dennis. CAPT(AAC) Callie Reynolds Massey-Reed, LT(AAC) Chu, all other staff involved, and the Cadet Executive team who made the event the success that it was. The Unit looks forward to the competition in 2023, to hopefully bring the trophy back home to Trinity and Meriden.

CUO Ty Garaci and WO2 Luca Gillard

On behalf of the 2022 TGSACU CAS MilSkills Team

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